Thursday, July 21, 2016

Throw King, Thrunite TN40! 1150 Meters with 4450 Lumens of Light!

This is the Thrunite TN40, the new throw king flashlight ont he market with 4450 lumens of power, throwing out ot 1150 meters!  It's a beast of a flashlight, and it's not something a normal average Joe will understand. It's just insane!  The light is very similar in appearance to the Nitecore TM16GT and similar flashlights in the same class, but this baby has proven itself in my video testings on YouTube. You can basically search up Thrunite TN40 on YouTube and see my videos there already, we have done a lot of comparison videos, it's just stunning how crazy this thing is.

A four bulb design usually gives you a very floody beam, but somehow they managed to focus it and throw it out pretty far. The Nitecore TM16GT was shocking enough for me, 1003 meters. This one made it to 1150 meters, what did people in the factor feed these flashlights with? Maybe steroids?  

Take a close look at the LEDs. They seems to have some sort of milky white coating or dome over it? 
There is one thing I would like to complain, which is the non-anti-roll design of this Thrunite TN40. It just doesn't stays in place for the photo taking!  I have to put the landyard there to stop it from rolling. The light comes with a sling, but I hate to use a sling for my flashlights unless it is super mega size. I put a landyard loop over this and it works just fine!  Don't get clumsy and big with such a compact flashlight!  It's just contradicting! 

This is what most people hate on the forums - the battery pack!  Yes you cannot use your normal batteries (18650) with this anymore, but the battery pack works just fine and you get a super fast charging time, almost 1/2 the time required to charge. This is a bummer for most flashlight collectors, but I think it's still okay for me, since a lot of flashlight still uses battery packs and chargers anyway. It's not like this is the only thing that does it. There are other monster lights that requires their own battery pack too, such as my Olight SR90, so what?
The body and design is as simple as most Thrunite goes, and it's sexy enough. I like the simple design with just one button. In the dark, you just don't want to go sci-fi mode like the Fenix, it's insane hard to find which button to press even there are only two. One button design is really nice, and really works especially in a stressful situation, your brain really cannot operate more than 5%!
A show off beam photo!
Personally, I have tried to put the Thrunite TN36UT and TN30mini battery tube on this light, and they do fit and work to light up the Thrunite TN40, but then, it's not good to do. As the factory stated, it's not oaky to do so and you can risk frying the flashlight in no time. So I was just lucky enough to not go kaboom on it, but ya, I hope they make the light with a feature to detect and change its intake method or something so it can be also powered by the older battery pack. I will be great to be interchangeable, but I guess technology still needs a bit of time to catch up or something?  It's okay right now, but will be BETTER for all if they can accept normal 18650 isn't it?  If they make battery packs, why not make a 2x or 3x capacity one for more juice instead, which makes it more worth using a "pack" than a normal 4x 18650 setup?  I wish they have a 2x capacity one for more runtime. 
Super compact size, but the head isn't so compact afterall, lol!

There goes the Convoy L6 and the Thrunite TN36-UT beside the Thrunite TN40. Personally, I would recommend people the Thrunite TN36-UT more than a Thrunite TN40, because it's more stunning and wow-ing to most people. But then, the Thrunite TN40 is a buy-and-play package. You do not need to buy extra charger, batteries and all that stuff. Just by the flashlight and you are all good to go, which makes it simple and easy for a lot of people. The Thrunite TN40 is not "compact" if you use it with a sling, but I guess most flashlights with this kind of setup is all the same - small body, big head, and mega throw power. I can't complain much. Afterall, it's light weight, short, and powerful. 

Here are more reviews on YouTube!

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