Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flashlight for a Trip or Vacation is Not Just for Illumination

Flashlight is not just for illumination, as I have always said. If you are going on a trip, you will want a flashlight or a bunch of flashlights to go with you. Going on vacation, and paying so much money for a plane ticket or the cruise ticket etc, why bring home some crappy photos with the white, pale and ugly flash'd photos?  Bring some proper flashlights and light up your scene to capture the best memory!

Most people are not exposed to flashlights technology today, and not aware that we have different flashlights with different beam temperatures, colors, and they are really different on camera when you set your camera right.

You want to avoid the cool white and blue-tone white beams when taking photos indoor, it just doesn't work out to give you a natural looking photo. Try neutral white or some warm white color?  They work better, but also not when you just shine the light directly on an object or subject!  You have to learn to diffuse the light or bounce the light around by using different techniques!  Check this video out to know more about my tricks and tips!

Flashlight 7300 Lumens VS Egg? Will it Cook?

Can a flashlight with 7300 lumens cook an egg? With those wicked torch around, we always thinks that a powerful flashlight is so hot and heaty and it can fry up an egg for you during a survival situation. To be honest, I was curious and thought it should be doing the job when I made this video. Turn out, nope!

The Thrunite TN36-UT is up to the kitchen lab test, and firing at 7300 lumens full power, trying to cook this state-of-the-art EGG for over 30 minutes and there is no sign of success. Bummer!  What's the problem? 

A powerful flashlight doesn't needs to be hot, the heat is not what we want from a flashlight. We only need the light!  Good flashlights, just like a good light bulb, is not supposed to be hot and heaty, but bright and shiny!  That's right, the temperature on the Thrunite TN36-UT is regulated to stay at 80C and below to make sure your hand is not in danger, and the bulb is not going to fry too early!  It's a safety feature that is showing you how Thrunite is caring about their customers! 

Wicked torch with the egg cooking video proved nothing but the flashlight they sell is dangerous, useless and low tech. Bad technology with a bad bulb results in heat and a not-so-bright-beam. It's just useless and I personally think it's just a gimmick to fool the majority of us to believe that a powerful flashlights means it have to be hot and heaty like a bulb. That's just a very bad and wrong concept. Time to see the real technology today, Thrunite have opened our eyes to the true flashlight tech, check out this video to see it yourself!

Fenix UC01 Keychain Light Review, Mega-Spill and Ultra-Wide Angle!

The Fenix UC01 is one of the keychain light that looks small, and useless, but will totally shock you about how practical it is when you got the wisdom to use this gadget right. Using this Fenix UC01 is not to shine it around and expect it to be a good "flashlight" that will illuminates the whole room for you. That's not the right way to use it!

To use the Fenix UC01, you need to enjoy the amount of flood and spill. You need to get a piece of masking tape, tape it overt he bulb, and now you got a nice neutral white light that can light up your scene for photo taking or for reading a map or book in the tent or car. It's so floody and so much spill that you can literally see zero hotspot from the beam, which makes it super handy for photo and video purposes.

If you are on a trip and you wear a hat, you can also velcro tape it to your hat and use it as a close up headlamp!  The Fenix UC01 is just amazing for the flood and mild beam. Not stronger the better, and Fenix UC01 proved it right. Sometimes you really want a smaller and weaker light, that does the right job for you.

Not only that it's cool indoor, but how about outdoor when you mod the Fenix UC01 with a piece of masking tape for a neutral white beam?

 Get your Fenix UC01 today-

Welcome, The Best Flashlights Recommendation Blog is Born!

Hi everyone, welcome to this new flashlights blog!  We will be showcasing tons of good flashlights, with my most honest and indepth review of each flashlights, sharing you my personal experience with these high end and high quality LED lights, bringing you the best product, best deal and best technology on the market today.

Flashlights can be super useful, not only because it's an emergency tool, but it can also be used to do more things that you don't expect it to do - such as adding a nice lighting to your photo, videos and such. When you are on a trip, paid thousands of dollars for a plane ticket, why go back home with some crappy photos? Get a flashlight to light up your scene properly and take home some good memories!  Of course, not just shining the light directly on things will do the trick. That is why you have to stay tune and keep watching this channel and blog, we will be showing you things you might have never thought of!