Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flashlight 7300 Lumens VS Egg? Will it Cook?

Can a flashlight with 7300 lumens cook an egg? With those wicked torch around, we always thinks that a powerful flashlight is so hot and heaty and it can fry up an egg for you during a survival situation. To be honest, I was curious and thought it should be doing the job when I made this video. Turn out, nope!

The Thrunite TN36-UT is up to the kitchen lab test, and firing at 7300 lumens full power, trying to cook this state-of-the-art EGG for over 30 minutes and there is no sign of success. Bummer!  What's the problem? 

A powerful flashlight doesn't needs to be hot, the heat is not what we want from a flashlight. We only need the light!  Good flashlights, just like a good light bulb, is not supposed to be hot and heaty, but bright and shiny!  That's right, the temperature on the Thrunite TN36-UT is regulated to stay at 80C and below to make sure your hand is not in danger, and the bulb is not going to fry too early!  It's a safety feature that is showing you how Thrunite is caring about their customers! 

Wicked torch with the egg cooking video proved nothing but the flashlight they sell is dangerous, useless and low tech. Bad technology with a bad bulb results in heat and a not-so-bright-beam. It's just useless and I personally think it's just a gimmick to fool the majority of us to believe that a powerful flashlights means it have to be hot and heaty like a bulb. That's just a very bad and wrong concept. Time to see the real technology today, Thrunite have opened our eyes to the true flashlight tech, check out this video to see it yourself!

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