About Me

That's me!  I am "Mak Jo Si" on Chiinnature YouTube channel, the funny guy who review airguns, flashlights, blades, and do all the cool stuff that you cannot imagine happening on a channel with many diverse topic.

I am also the guy on MakHobby YouTube channel!  As you can see, I have too many content to upload and I need a second channel to dump my videos, simple as that!

Now, I have my third channel built, Tin Yat Dragon YouTube channel, for my magic related things!  Check those out if you like!

I am cool and funny, period!

While you might be thinking, "Why do I need to watch this guy on YouTube goofing around flashlights?"... well, it's just because I am fun to watch and you will feel the joy with me when you see the thousands of lumens splash on my face and everywhere!  You don't need to NEED a flashlight in order to buy a bunch of flashlights, get the logic?  It's simply, fun, and when it's raining cats and dogs outside, you are the first one to hope for a blackout, and not fear one, because you will transform when it's all dark outside, like werewolves, we turn into "Flashverines" and such. WOO HA!  Let's grab meh lights!!!

About This Blog

Why did I put this blog up?  To be honest, it's just another blog for me to post my flashlight reviews and my personal pictures with the lights and such to spread the joy to many other people. You will NEED to buy a flashlight, soon or later, why not watch my stuff and decide on one? I will often post coupon codes and links here, prepare to purchase some great flashlights!

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