Monday, September 18, 2017

Glo-Toob AAA PRO - Colorful Party!

There goes our famous Glo-Toob AAA PRO, not sure if you heard of it before, but this is the newest gadget that replaces our glow-sticks!  These little babies runs on a single AAA battery, be it a normal AAA or a NiMH. However, a little note here - if you are using NiMH, you will need to put an oring on the back of the battery to make the light work properly, or else the light cannot turn off.  

In the picture above, you can see the lights in green, blue, red, orange, and white. You might wonder why the orange one look different - that is actually the older version, the non-PRO version.  The new design is MUCH better and you can actually turn it on and off or change mode while even in the water, everything is VERY sealed up and water-proof!  

In this picture you can see Glo-Toob(S) with a slim pen, nice size comparison. The aluminum tube in the body is actually nice, it reflects the light all the way back up and make the whole tube look like one light.

Fun enough, you do not twist the cap, you twist the middle of the cap, that "ring", to turn it on or off, or switch modes!  There are 3 modes, low, high and flashing for signal!

The whole body is completely sealed up by that hard plastic and is strong enough to be used 200m under the water, so it is a nice diving light too!

this is how you can put the o-ring on the battery's butt.

You can see how the cap works, the middle section screws in and out, so it touches the battery then the light turns on. 

This is a NexTorch attachment / gadget for the Glo-Toob, which is actually VERY useful for me somehow!

The screw can be adjusted using the ring on the Glo-Toob's cap!

When you screw it tight, the Glo-Toob is secured in place, and this is meant for helmets or tac-vest, but I used it on my camera strap, and man.. it's a super nice light for up-close shots!  Floody beam!

There goes the back of the attachment, you can see the strap opens up like this, you can add this to your headlamp's strap too!  


Friday, September 8, 2017

JETBeam JET 1 MK - EDC Flashlight with 450 Lumens!

The JETBeam Jet 1 MK is a nice little AA powered flashlight, with max runtime of 100 hour, which is actually very decent for a AA battery flashlight. Using 14500 gives you the claimed 450 lumens, but using one AA NiMH will get you asomewhat around 150 lumens, which is still brighter than the Thrunite Ti3 or similar AA or AAA keychain lights that runs on 1.5v battery. The light comes with pocket clip, tripod mount hole - which is for the self defense attaschment. Not sure how well it will do for self defense, but breaking glass windows should be okay with the "cone" attachments as linked below..!

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The JETBeam Jet 1 MK also offers you a tripod hole, which I see no point of having for this kind of light, BUT, who knows? Maybe you can buy a attacking attachment like this one below:

Not sure how much more of these are online, but they seems to be out of stock almost everywhere!

Lovely manual, big font for my old man eyes!

Size of the JETBeam JET 1 MK is very good, just like my index finger, but a bit chubbier...!

Use eneloop pro AA for best result, but it also accepts normal AA cells and even the lithium cells. Well lubed threads, just like all JETBeam lights.

There is a spring at the back-end of the tube, but not on the head. I doubt the "attachment" that you can put on the light is for smashing on "people", but rather just for tapping onto class.

Pocket clip is sturdy, and the tripod mount actually can be mounted to an attachment and make this your camera light for adventure's filmming..!

Smooth reflector, giving you a throwy beam for a single AA light?

Twisty setup, 3 modes, powerful and compact size. Simply said, it's a great EDC if you like more runtime than those AAA powered ones. (AA have more juice!)

 I have tried the light using 14500 after the review is done (scared of burning the led on review making process!) and yes, the 14500 worked better, and still offers you the normal modes, so I would like to use this light with 14500 instead of AA now. More power, more throw, and now I need something to make use of the tripod hole!

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The truth is, the JETBeam Jet 1 MK is not going to give you the 450 lumens with a single AA Battery, but rather with the 14500 3.7v li-ion battery instead. However, it's still a nice EDC Flashlight, and with a single AA cell, pumping out 150 lumens at max, is pretty impressive, given how the AAA can only give about 120-130 lumens with the keychain lights like Thrunite Ti3, Olight EOS etc....

The JETBeam Jet 1 MK also offers you a tripod hole, which I see no point of having for this kind of light, BUT, who knows? Maybe you can buy a attacking attachment like this one below:

Not sure how much more of these are online, but they seems to be out of stock almost everywhere!


more beamshots!

NexTorch E51 EDC 1000 Lumens and USB Charge!

NexTorch E51 is another nice affordable EDC flashlight by NexTorch, and just like all their products (at least most of them), these lights all come "ready to play" with the nice 18650 already included in the box!  All you need is plug it in and charge the light, then there goes your toy for the night!  The NexTorch E51 is also USB-rechargeable, so there is no need for any charger too!  Great light for the buck!

The packaging for NexTorch flashlights are pretty much the same style, clean and tidy look, very nice and friendly. 

As you can see, the NexTorch E51 comes with 3 main modes (low, mid and high) plus a strobe if you do ever need it for self defense situation. The high mode goes up to 1000 lumens and is actually quite bright to be honest. It is missing a moonlight mode to be perfect, but for outdoor and EDC, I am fine.  I really do wish they have a moonlight mode though.

Here is the 18650 (2600mah) battery included in the package. Yes, 2600mah is a little bit low in capacity, but the package also stated that the specs are tested with the same battery, so you are pretty much ensured to have the runtime as claimed.

See the gold plated springs and stuff? Wow, beautiful!

Don't ask me how I managed to take that shot... inside the tube!  Dual springs design, meant for smacking and smashing! Nice!

One thing to mention is that the threads are VERY smooth and fits perfectly, it feels like JUST the threads are already "air sealing" when you screw it up, crazy!

See the button? N"T" and a battery is the logo for NexTorch I guess? Cool button!  Too bad, it is not tailstand-friuendly, but it is thumb-friendly for pressing, good enough.  The head of the light also does not have any sexy stainless steel bezel, but it looks pretty sexy like that somehow, more "friendly looking" and less attention grabbing for some sensitive situations.

The body and the name..

You have to unscrew the head out to get access to the USB port, which is actually sealed by o-rings!  The head cannot come off the light, so you just screw it out all the way you can and it will stick out like this, nothing more.

Nice smooth reflector, giving you a bit more throw power.  

Now you can see the light and my hand, showing you the size..!

At the end I would like to conclude that the NexTorch E51 is actually pretty good as an EDC light, and for this kind of budget, it's actually quite good.  The button can be a good thing for it to NOT be tailstand friendly, because you can really get that strobe out when you need.  


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On the Road U16 - Rechargeable Mini Light with 730 Lumens

The "On the Road U16" is one of the best full package flashlight for the budge tlight crowd. Some say On the Road is a copy of the Olight, but I don't see any olight like this at the moment though. I can only tell you what I see, which is a full package flashlight, powerful 730 lumens output, with a rechargeable 16340 battery included, and the accessories that you need to get it running. You don't even need a charger, this light has a USB port for that and you are all set!

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The light is not expensive, but it comes with a nice full-package - landyard, pouch, battery, o-rings, manual and the light. Good enough!  I think this kind of packaging is nice for gifts too, much better than the crappy clam-shell package by some other companies.

The 16340 battery that comes with the light, 700mah. The light can be used for days if you use it on the low mode most of the time, which is actually the way to use these small lights. If you use it indoor, low mode is enough most of the time already, that's how we use it in reality!

Gold plated spring, and magnet below the spring for sticking this light to the fridge or car or anything. Keep in mind that the magnet is not the strongest thing in the world, some other lights have stronger magnets, but I think you can replace it with your own in the future maybe. It works, but not the best for sure.

Gold plated springs inside too, nice electronics, and potted internals, good enough, tough enough!

Very nice design for the anti-roll feature, and the light is stylish with the big head, which I actually do quite like. The button is rubbery to the finger, and you got a nice OP reflector for a spready beam.

The other side of the switch is a rubber cover for the USB port, and yes, it is waterproof!

USB port below the cover, micro USB charge.

On the Road logo on the other side, and as you can see, the light is anti-roll on almost any angle!

OP reflector, large LED there, I think it should be quite powerful in the dark!

Also keep in mind - this is the most important mode out of all modes - moonlight!

The light claims to be 730 lumens, but I think it is about 500 lumens or about in reality. The light is still very powerful for such a small light and will definitely amazing you if you never play with these mini lights in the past. You can use CR123 with this light in case you run out of 16340, but it is less powerful using normal CR123. 

Buy On the Road U16 -

coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

On the Road U16 is just like any On the Road series flashlight, good and reliable quaity..! Runs on 16340 or CR123, and it claims to fire out 720 lumens, which I doubt, but it should be somewhat alike with the 500 lumens olights s1 baton I guess? We will see it in the review and compare them side by side!

Not forget that this light comes with battery and all you need is to plug it into the USB to get things charged up!  Everything is ready-to-play out of the box!

Watch my YouTube Review!

More beamshot!!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Convoy S2+ 1000 Lumen EDC for $20

 The Convoy S2+ silver edition is a sexy and powerful light for EDC. If you are on a budget, and want something nice quality, you might want to try this Convoy S2+ out.  Simply said, powerful throw, modes are memorized after 2-3 seconds including strobe, and you can also find the light in the dark because of its glow-in-the-dark o-ring in the front, and a glowing blue ring around the switch at the back. This baby comes with landyard, clip and spare o-rings, but no battery, get your own 18650 for this light, and it shall be happy!

Buy Convoy S2+ Silver -

coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

The silver color body is very unique, because most of my flashlights are in black or grey or "titanium" color. A silver flashight also makes is more visible in the dark, so if you are trying to find a flashlight in case of blackout, this Convoy S2+ might be easier to spot out of a bunch of black objects, right?

No stainless steel bezel, but the lens is AR coated, with a nice smooth reflector, I could not ask for more for a $20 budget light!

Here is the switch at the back, which is actually flush with the raised part around it, and so it is tailstand friendly, with a nice blue glowing ring below the button, making it very visible and easy to find in the dark in case of emergency.

Typical EDC tube style size, just like the Nitecore MH12 or lights of this type, very typical size, great for the grip, and can even act as an impact weapon if need.

Trying to show you the glow in the dark o-ring there.

Notice the hotspot? Very tight beam, must be having a great throw and very good for blinding people if need, yet the strobe is only memorized if activated for 2-3 seconds, which means if you strobe for 1 second and turn it off, then turn it on again, it will jump to the next mode, which is SOS!  

Why not a silver color clip? I don't understand the design, lol!  

Very powerful light when on turbo, it's a nice EDC with a legit 1000 lumen output, even for $20, one can experience the 1000 lumens power now, how fortunate are we?

Wait, there is more, gold plated springs and nice potted electronics, which is hard to find in these "budget light" series, but the Convoy always come in nice quality! 

Springs inside too, and so is the potted spots on the 2 sides, making sure that your light is as strong as hulk to withstand any drops or even hamemring absuse.

Unbeatable deal for $20, this is just one of those must-have light for the budget light crowd. If you don't want to spend $60 for an EDC light, this kind of stuff is for you. Convoy makes some very good products and charging a low price for them. Hard to beat, get one when you still can.

Buy Convoy S2+ Silver -

coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

The Convoy S2+ silver runs on one 18650 battery and provide you with 2 groups of modes, with or without strobe and SOS, which is actually very nice for EDC use. The light is well made, just like all convoy series, and the unique blue glowing ring around the tailcap switch is very useful for finding your light in the dark. Glow in the dark o-ring on the head too! 

For a EDC Flashlight, $20, you cannot go wrong with this Convoy S2+ for sure, it's a quaity light for a low price tag!

Watch my YouTube review!


Compare $20 Convoy S2+ to Nitecore P12, Both 1000 Lumens but.... BIG Difference in the price tag, see it in reality!