Friday, September 8, 2017

NexTorch E51 EDC 1000 Lumens and USB Charge!

NexTorch E51 is another nice affordable EDC flashlight by NexTorch, and just like all their products (at least most of them), these lights all come "ready to play" with the nice 18650 already included in the box!  All you need is plug it in and charge the light, then there goes your toy for the night!  The NexTorch E51 is also USB-rechargeable, so there is no need for any charger too!  Great light for the buck!

The packaging for NexTorch flashlights are pretty much the same style, clean and tidy look, very nice and friendly. 

As you can see, the NexTorch E51 comes with 3 main modes (low, mid and high) plus a strobe if you do ever need it for self defense situation. The high mode goes up to 1000 lumens and is actually quite bright to be honest. It is missing a moonlight mode to be perfect, but for outdoor and EDC, I am fine.  I really do wish they have a moonlight mode though.

Here is the 18650 (2600mah) battery included in the package. Yes, 2600mah is a little bit low in capacity, but the package also stated that the specs are tested with the same battery, so you are pretty much ensured to have the runtime as claimed.

See the gold plated springs and stuff? Wow, beautiful!

Don't ask me how I managed to take that shot... inside the tube!  Dual springs design, meant for smacking and smashing! Nice!

One thing to mention is that the threads are VERY smooth and fits perfectly, it feels like JUST the threads are already "air sealing" when you screw it up, crazy!

See the button? N"T" and a battery is the logo for NexTorch I guess? Cool button!  Too bad, it is not tailstand-friuendly, but it is thumb-friendly for pressing, good enough.  The head of the light also does not have any sexy stainless steel bezel, but it looks pretty sexy like that somehow, more "friendly looking" and less attention grabbing for some sensitive situations.

The body and the name..

You have to unscrew the head out to get access to the USB port, which is actually sealed by o-rings!  The head cannot come off the light, so you just screw it out all the way you can and it will stick out like this, nothing more.

Nice smooth reflector, giving you a bit more throw power.  

Now you can see the light and my hand, showing you the size..!

At the end I would like to conclude that the NexTorch E51 is actually pretty good as an EDC light, and for this kind of budget, it's actually quite good.  The button can be a good thing for it to NOT be tailstand friendly, because you can really get that strobe out when you need.  


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