Friday, September 1, 2017

Convoy S2+ 1000 Lumen EDC for $20

 The Convoy S2+ silver edition is a sexy and powerful light for EDC. If you are on a budget, and want something nice quality, you might want to try this Convoy S2+ out.  Simply said, powerful throw, modes are memorized after 2-3 seconds including strobe, and you can also find the light in the dark because of its glow-in-the-dark o-ring in the front, and a glowing blue ring around the switch at the back. This baby comes with landyard, clip and spare o-rings, but no battery, get your own 18650 for this light, and it shall be happy!

Buy Convoy S2+ Silver -

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The silver color body is very unique, because most of my flashlights are in black or grey or "titanium" color. A silver flashight also makes is more visible in the dark, so if you are trying to find a flashlight in case of blackout, this Convoy S2+ might be easier to spot out of a bunch of black objects, right?

No stainless steel bezel, but the lens is AR coated, with a nice smooth reflector, I could not ask for more for a $20 budget light!

Here is the switch at the back, which is actually flush with the raised part around it, and so it is tailstand friendly, with a nice blue glowing ring below the button, making it very visible and easy to find in the dark in case of emergency.

Typical EDC tube style size, just like the Nitecore MH12 or lights of this type, very typical size, great for the grip, and can even act as an impact weapon if need.

Trying to show you the glow in the dark o-ring there.

Notice the hotspot? Very tight beam, must be having a great throw and very good for blinding people if need, yet the strobe is only memorized if activated for 2-3 seconds, which means if you strobe for 1 second and turn it off, then turn it on again, it will jump to the next mode, which is SOS!  

Why not a silver color clip? I don't understand the design, lol!  

Very powerful light when on turbo, it's a nice EDC with a legit 1000 lumen output, even for $20, one can experience the 1000 lumens power now, how fortunate are we?

Wait, there is more, gold plated springs and nice potted electronics, which is hard to find in these "budget light" series, but the Convoy always come in nice quality! 

Springs inside too, and so is the potted spots on the 2 sides, making sure that your light is as strong as hulk to withstand any drops or even hamemring absuse.

Unbeatable deal for $20, this is just one of those must-have light for the budget light crowd. If you don't want to spend $60 for an EDC light, this kind of stuff is for you. Convoy makes some very good products and charging a low price for them. Hard to beat, get one when you still can.

Buy Convoy S2+ Silver -

coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

The Convoy S2+ silver runs on one 18650 battery and provide you with 2 groups of modes, with or without strobe and SOS, which is actually very nice for EDC use. The light is well made, just like all convoy series, and the unique blue glowing ring around the tailcap switch is very useful for finding your light in the dark. Glow in the dark o-ring on the head too! 

For a EDC Flashlight, $20, you cannot go wrong with this Convoy S2+ for sure, it's a quaity light for a low price tag!

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Compare $20 Convoy S2+ to Nitecore P12, Both 1000 Lumens but.... BIG Difference in the price tag, see it in reality!

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