Tuesday, September 5, 2017

On the Road U16 - Rechargeable Mini Light with 730 Lumens

The "On the Road U16" is one of the best full package flashlight for the budge tlight crowd. Some say On the Road is a copy of the Olight, but I don't see any olight like this at the moment though. I can only tell you what I see, which is a full package flashlight, powerful 730 lumens output, with a rechargeable 16340 battery included, and the accessories that you need to get it running. You don't even need a charger, this light has a USB port for that and you are all set!

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The light is not expensive, but it comes with a nice full-package - landyard, pouch, battery, o-rings, manual and the light. Good enough!  I think this kind of packaging is nice for gifts too, much better than the crappy clam-shell package by some other companies.

The 16340 battery that comes with the light, 700mah. The light can be used for days if you use it on the low mode most of the time, which is actually the way to use these small lights. If you use it indoor, low mode is enough most of the time already, that's how we use it in reality!

Gold plated spring, and magnet below the spring for sticking this light to the fridge or car or anything. Keep in mind that the magnet is not the strongest thing in the world, some other lights have stronger magnets, but I think you can replace it with your own in the future maybe. It works, but not the best for sure.

Gold plated springs inside too, nice electronics, and potted internals, good enough, tough enough!

Very nice design for the anti-roll feature, and the light is stylish with the big head, which I actually do quite like. The button is rubbery to the finger, and you got a nice OP reflector for a spready beam.

The other side of the switch is a rubber cover for the USB port, and yes, it is waterproof!

USB port below the cover, micro USB charge.

On the Road logo on the other side, and as you can see, the light is anti-roll on almost any angle!

OP reflector, large LED there, I think it should be quite powerful in the dark!

Also keep in mind - this is the most important mode out of all modes - moonlight!

The light claims to be 730 lumens, but I think it is about 500 lumens or about in reality. The light is still very powerful for such a small light and will definitely amazing you if you never play with these mini lights in the past. You can use CR123 with this light in case you run out of 16340, but it is less powerful using normal CR123. 

Buy On the Road U16 - http://tidd.ly/de7bab7f

coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights http://tidd.ly/25feb1d4 )

On the Road U16 is just like any On the Road series flashlight, good and reliable quaity..! Runs on 16340 or CR123, and it claims to fire out 720 lumens, which I doubt, but it should be somewhat alike with the 500 lumens olights s1 baton I guess? We will see it in the review and compare them side by side!

Not forget that this light comes with battery and all you need is to plug it into the USB to get things charged up!  Everything is ready-to-play out of the box!

Watch my YouTube Review!

More beamshot!!

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