Recommended Flashlights

Flashlights I Personally Recommend Buying (Also My Favorite):

No joke, there are so many powerful flashlights out there but not every one of them is built the same. Some cost less for a reason and some have false claims with their lumens too. We only trust those companies that have put their heart into their product, and putting the safety of the customer in front of everything else. Some nice flashlight companies today offers us great products with a reasonable price tag, and most important is, good quality control, safe for the user, and good customer service after purchase.

I personally like a few brands: Thrunite, Nitecore, Olight, Fenix, Klarus, JETBeam, etc. If you are choosing a light and you want to make sure you are not wasting your money? Get one of these brands, they are pretty much fail-proof.

Best Flashlight Recommendation as of Today!

1. Best Bang for Bucks

HaikeLite MT03 9000 Lumens  - $98 when on sales!
Buy - HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer 9000 lunens -
Buy 4x 18650 non protected cell -
*coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales

2. Throw King

Thrunite TN40, 4450 Lumens with 1150m of throw power.
Amazon US:
Amazon Ca:

3. Flood King

Thrunite TN36-2017, 10000 Lumens, super flood king - blog post
Official store -
( 10% OFF coupon code is VIP when order over $300)

4. EDC Baby

Jetbeam Mini-1, 130 Lumens MICRO Pendant Light!
Get it here:
using GB17LED will get 12% off discount

On the Road M3, 920 Lumens with magnetic base
Get it here:
using GB17LED will get 12% off discount

5. Self Defense Carry

Lumintop TD16 XP-L Hi 950 Lumens with 450m Throw
Strobe feature memorized and great stainless steel bezel on both ends.
20% Discount code!: XSNH6X9Q
20% in US store:
Amazon store: :
Retail store:

6. Home Defense / Security

Convoy L6, 3800 Lumens - $53.88 (Discounted!)
Get it here:
using GB17LED will get 12% off discount

7. Camping 

Thrunite TN4A, 4x AA Flashlight in a compact size
Amazon US:
Amazon Ca:

8. Travel and Vacation

Klarus Mi7 1400 / AA Flashlight, 700 Lumens max!
Get it here-
using GB17LED will get 12% off discount

1 comment:

  1. hello Mak,

    Could you help me to make a right choice please! Im a outdoor photographer who usually go out to shoot at before sunrise and sunset at remoted location like beach, desert, mountain, jungle in compete darkness.

    Currently i have the Klarus XT1C mounted on my hat as a headlamp. Im looking for the hand held flash light as a main light source for walking, finding path, location check,,,,And also important: self defense.

    My current list that need your pro advice:
    A. Nitecore TM 06S vs Thrunite TN 36 UT vs Jetbeam T6 vs Olight X6 or X7 coming.
    B. Olight M1X Striker vs Lumintop TD 16 vs Klarus XT11S

    I know the A is for flood, wide angle light, B is for good distance beam.....So what are s the best of both world Mak? Really tough decision for me...

    Hope to see your reply soon! Thanks so much.