Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Klarus G20 - 3000 lumens in Palm, Must Have!

I kept asking myself, which flashlight should I take with me tonight, and which one should be the "to go" flashlight if I have to choose one and only one? The Klarus G20 is my conclusion as of today, it is always in my jacket when I go out, because of a few very good reasons. I have done a lot of reviews on YouTube about this light too, and not forget GearBest also got a discount coupon code that might still work for you if you are in luck!

 Klarus G20 is on sales at HALF PRICE - From $128.89 to $61.99!!!! (Coupon: 3RDGBK20) CRAZY DEAL

Nothing is better than a floody beam at night, look at that sexy reflector on the Klarus G20, it's really floody and freindly for walking at night, or even walking in the woods. It's not "too floody" with no throw, which is also why I liked it so much. You can still light up things across the street and spot people far away, which makes it very useful.

  The only complain I have is the button ont he side, which is too easy to depress by accident. I wish they make it harder to press, or use the flat / flush design like the Thrunite, which can avoid a lot of accidental power-on issue.  But again, no light is perfect as of today.

The Klarus G20 is very much a full package, it comes with a 5000mah 26650 battery, and also rechargaeble by the USB port, which is covered by a rubber cover. The light is water-proof and such, which you do not have to worry abouton the rainy days or even dropping it into the river by accident. 

Why is this light so beloved here?  Because it is a full package on its own, you don't need extra charger, you don't need extra batteries, and this light will last for days before needing a recharge if you use it wisely. 

There is also a switch on the tailcap side which is extra handly for tactical user, or giving you an extra option of instant-moonlight mode by using this switch. The switch is also not protruding too much, so it will not affect the tailstand ability of the light too. Schweet!

YES! 5000mah battery, 26650 cell by Klarus!  That means, long runtime, which is essential for a real survival light or a bug-out light. You don't want a light that only last for 1-3 hours!

Double springs from top and bottm to prevent your battery from being crushed, and also protecting the boards from damages, shock-proof design, and of course, sealed by o-rings to eliminate any dirty stuff or water / moist-air from going into the tube! 

Enough side, youtube video time!

Klarus G20 is on sales at HALF PRICE - From $128.89 to $61.99!!!! (Coupon: 3RDGBK20) CRAZY DEAL

Torture testing in snow!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Best Flashlight Video!

This is my best viewcount and earning flashlight video. Why did it went viral, can it be a magical blessing from YouTube?  I don't know, but you can see it and tell me why. The camera quality isn't the best, video isn't fancy and not edited mostly. I was just having fun myself on the balcony and trying to be funny at the same time. Somehow, people like to see a fun guy having fun at home. That's YouTube!

I have been doing so many flashlight reviews on YouTube and most of them are product reviews, showing people the product, beamshot, getting more and more serious, but is this really driving in a lot of good traffic?  Not as much as my old stuff. I wonder why.  I think YouTube is a place where people are most inclined to search up something fun to watch, something that they will know a guy is not being a "sales" of a product, and just having fun himself, which shows the real side of human being, and the real feelings they have behind the product. I guess that's why.

Somehow I have this urge of wanting to try to goof around again and try to do some of these fun videos again with the informal vibe, not sure if that is a good idea? 

Beside that, I want to buy new stuff in the future to do product reviews for my guns and stuff again, but I am really out of space at home. If anyone is interested in buying my gears including flashlights, guns, euro swords and stuff, you can alway e-mail me to inquire!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Get Ready, I am Coming Back!

Some fans were asking me if I am still blogging and doing flashlight reviews - YES, I am!  I just got busy with YouTube and such, then of course I killed my hours for blogging. It's hard to keep up, but I am going to tell you guys that I think I should be coming back very soon with nice pics and flashlight postings again. I have got some new flashlights after the previous post, and if you are a fans of our YouTube channel, you should know that we got a lot of products in the past few months, tons of fun toys and I have been playing with them everyday till today!  There will be updates, re-review, and some honest comments to some comments of good and bad products I have tried and tested so far. It's time to pop my head up and tell you guys that I am coming back again with this blog. Stay tune for my future posting and hope you will keep supporting me and my channel by shopping with our codes, our amazon links and sharing out our blog and YouTube channel to your friends!  See you soon!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Olight S1 Baton Review - Super Tiny EDC

The Olight S1 Baton is a very unique and small light, and yes, it is smaller than the Thrunite T21, or the "on the road M3" etc. All those CR123 lights cannot beat this one in terms of size. Somehow Olight just made it smaller, and it's sexy, shiny, fancy!  This light is a little bit pricier than the other CR123 lights I have reviewed before, but is definitely worth the bucks if you are looking for quality and a super small size light for a CR123 EDC light. The lens they put on this light is also very unique, which I have never seen before. Before we go on with more details, let's give you the links to buy this light first..!

Buy Olight S1 Baton from:

Somehow Amazon does not sell the titanium series anymore, but the black one is about the same thing, just a different finish on top, no worry! It's just some cosmetics difference.

When I get the Olight S1 Baton in hand, I thought to myself - this is tiny!  The light comes with a diffuser which is glow in the dark!  Such a sweet touch to the package!  The black version or the other versions don't seems to include this, or maybe only a few "package" will come with one. I personally will pick the package with the diffuser for sure, it's just one of the best diffuser ever. First of all, it's not cheap plastic, and secondly, it glows! After the light is out, you get a long glowing green tube, super handy for camping and such!

This is the lens on the Olight S1 Baton, as you can see it is not those normal flat lens. They call this a TIR lens? It's like a little round shaped that pops out in the center, with the other place kind of sloped inward, it feels like a lens that is made to give you a super soft and diffused beam, while keeping all the light in one soft spot.  There is also a copper bezel on top, that protects your lens from being damaged. I like how the color contrast between the bezel and the body, very high class!
I was trying to take a picture of the LED with the camera, while the light is turned on, and you can see the middle is totally a white ball looking spot, very much a diffused beam setup!

The button on the Olight S1 Baton is very neat. It is a smooth surface rubbery button with a copper ring that goes around it, making it very classy looking. The button is very easily felt by the finger too. The clip of the S1 baton is very well done and secured. The best thing is that you can have the ring slipped or rolled to overlap the button and it will not get jammed by the button too. It basically almost protects the button from being pressed, pretty cool.

The base of the Olight S1 Baton is magnetic with a magnet inside the base, which also helps you sticks out the battery in case you need to take out a very tightly fitted one.  The magnet is about the same strength as the one they used in Thrunite T21. Not bad, it is good enough for all kinds of normal usage and you can have the light sticking to your car's steel frame and be your repairing work light, very handy for most people.

The size of the Olight S1 Baton is the reason why you want this over the other CR123 lights. It's powerful, and it is the smallest in its class. I have not encountered another light that is smaller and offers the same kind of power. It's basically the smallest CR123 light so far, maybe?

The wall of the light is not very thick, which helps to reduce a bit of thickness and size, and the base is equipped with a gold plated spring, which is kind of stiff and hard. The light overall is simple, and yet powerful. They say the highest mode should be about 500 lumens, yet my box say that it is about 450 lumens or 490 lumens, but whatever lumen number it is, it feels bright enough beside my other CR123 lights of the same class. It's legit!
This picture you can see the magnet better, and it's not a ring magnet but a one piece circular magnet with the spring over it. 

When you get your Olight S1 Baton, remember to look at this and do not put the batteries in the normal way, the positive ends goes to the BACK end and not the front!  I tried doing it the normal way and thought my light was defective!  It just doesn't turn on!  Glad there is no damage done to the light even with my accidents though.

The diffuser is one of a kind, and it has a spot that is kind of flat on the lower portion to give your diffuser some space to slips in and not be jammed by the diffuser. It's a very cute and handy setup, and as you can see, the whole thing combined is not so big at all. 

The tone of the elight is very warm and very comfortable to the eyes. I have got addicted to this light for my night time bed light purpose, because the light is so yellow and so warm that it brings me some comfortable feelings when I was trying to read before sleep, definitely a great EDC or for camping.

Holding the light in hand on turbo mode is tricky, because after about 5minutes of burning the light on turbo, it gets a bit hot and is not the best light for a long runtime usage on turbo. I would say that using the light on medium mode is the most practical way of using this light. It provides you a long runtime and enough brightness for most tasks.

This is the light after the light shuts off, the glow in the dark glows and continue glowing for a pretty good amount of time. Usually I went to sleep with the light glowing green and even after 10 minutes or 15 minutes, it is still green and you can easily spot the light in the dark, giving you a quick access to the light in case you need to get the light to go to washroom or something. Great feature, and I love that long-glowing diffuser, unlike any cheapo glow in the dark things that just looks green on the surface when not glowing, and doesn't really glows in the dark.  

As you can see, the light do sticks!  I have tried it on doors, fridge, cars, and many other places, it just totally rocks!  You can think of so many usage with this light, it's so practical, so small and so EDC-friendly. Even for a bit more money, I would say that if you want a "small" EDC, this one should be your top choice.

Video review!

Buy Olight S1 Baton from: