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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

BEST 2x AA Flashlight - Nitecore MT22A

The latest 2x AA Flashlight in my pocket at all time, with proof, is the Nitecore MT22A. This little guy is ALWAYS in my pocket from now on!  What's the deal with this and why it is so good?  First of all, as an emergency tool, it is compact in size and you have 180 hours of light to use, isn't that crazy?  All you need is 2x AA battery, and of course we know that we should only use Eneloop PRO AA (rechargeable NiMH). The light itself is light weight, waterproof, and smallest size for this kind of flashlight. Usually, a 2x AA light is long and bulky with the tube style, and they don't fit in most pockets. This light will fight my jacket's chest pocket, which shows you why it is so good already. The plastic body is not "cheap" but sturdy and strong built. I cannot say enough good things about this light, read, watch and buy one!

Max at 260 lumens - runs for over 2.25 hours, insane!
Buy Nitecore MT22A -
Coupon: GB17LED ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )
Here goes the light, it looks very simple, but is very practical and useful.  Trust me, this is not a cheapo light at all.
The head is metal and the body is plastic. I like the yellow color which actually do react to my UV light nicely in the dark!
One button operation, waterproof and you can put a landyard loop there if you like.
Look at the grip, it's so comfortable and just the right size for your palm!  Lovely!  I also find that this light does not get hot much!  

The metal / steel button there is the release button for the head, which you need to take off to put in your 2 batteries. I thought that was the mode switch at first place!
Look at that pretty electronics inside!
Here goes my 2x Eneloops! 
When you take it out, you can see the springs inside and they really made the design to the most simplistic and minimal form. I love how simple it is, and how they utilize the space!
A clip on this side, but i wish the clip can be rotatable, yet it is not. So I cannot use this light as a cap light, but it is more meant for clipping to pockets and such.
Here goes the Nitecore MT22A on turbo, 260 lumens with some good throw power. I have to say that as a 2x AA light, this light is very amazing with the amount of light it can produce along with the runtime for the turbo and the lowest mode. It's a true survival light, a must have for EDC and emergency kit!

Buy Nitecore MT22A -
Coupon: GB17LED ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

 Here is my YouTube review of the Nitecore MT22A!


Nitecore TM03 - 2800 Lumens Single 18650 Flashlight for Defense

The Nitecore TM03 is one of the high power EDC self defense flashlight that I have been long waited to try, but too bad they did not come out with a proper holster yet, so the combo is really not complete here. The light itself is great, but not the best so far.  If I have to choose between this and the Klarus XT11GT, I will vote of the klarus because of the USB charging feature and the fact that I have a proper holster for the light with quick deployment setup. This light is missing a USB port and a nice holster, period. But, if you do not mind that, feel free to grab one!  2800 Lumens, instant strobe button, and super tough body which can withstand any abuse you can imagine.  You think a surefire is tough?  maybe this is over-tough.
Buy Nitecore TM03 -
Coupon: GB17LED ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )
The first thing you noticed is, 2800 Lumens of FLOOD and not throw. Therefore, it is not meant for a blinding purpose, but more of a flood light, for illumination. I did tried to be blinded by this and it does the job well too, just that I would much not be preferred to be blinded by a focused beam on the face or the eyes.
This is the typical "strobe" ready setup for Nitecore, just like how the klarus also does their light. Very simple. You press the lever for strobe or instant turbo depending on your light's setup, and you can also use it for mode changing once the light is turned on by pressing the main button.
The body is anti-roll and you can see the fins and everything is just typical nitecore quality, meaning - WELL BUILT and tough.
The other side... not sure if you come from cheapo flashlight background, but the crappy "CREE": or ultrafire crap really does not give you this kind of coating on the body and it feels VERY different touching a good light versus a crappy cheap light.
I do like the stainless steel bezel here, it is very useful for a defense light. The Nitecore P80UV or P80 is also meant to be a fighting light, but they forgot to put this bezel on the light, making it a big problem when it comes to smashing and crashing fights.  However, the P80 got its own holster, and this TM03 doesn't...?! WTF nitecore?!
To be honest, the light is kind of on the long and heavy side, but that is for a good purpose if you do use it for fighting and defense.
Here goes the legendary Nitecore TM03 body tube. You can try to shoot it with a 12ga slug and it won't penetrate, LOL!  Why do you need the wall to be that thick?  I don't understand but I love it.
The threads are well cut, and you see the double thick red orings there? Wow!  They made it as if this light is going to explode or something, so they need to make sure everything stays inside and not come out!    The light is crazy, it feels like science fiction flashlight specs.
Gold plated spring, thick spring...!  
So here is the IMR18650 from Nitecore, and it is labelled "For TM03" only, while they do not give you the USB charging feature on the light, how weird. 
By luck, here i snapped a shot inside the tube and you can see the inside wall is actually polished!
Very special setup on the front end with the "flaps" springs protecting the board. This is one very special setup, and i think it is supposed to protect the board when you smash things with the light.
The Nitecore TM03 is a good flashlight, but it is not complete. At the mean while, they are lacking a USB port, a moonlight mode, and a good holster, in order to call this a "great" light.

Frmo the left - Nitecore P80UV, Lumintop TD15S, Nitecore TM03, Klarus XT11GT.  I do like the Klarus much more if I am going to recommend someone new to tactical lights for defense.  The Nitecore TM03 is powerful, but if you wait a year or so, there could be another light that is smaller, with the USB port, and it will output 3800 lumens instead of 2800, with just one 18650.  Who knows?!  Technology for flashlight is flying like rockets these days!
Buy Nitecore TM03 -
Coupon: GB17LED ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales for led lights and flashlights )

My YouTube Review on the Nitecore TM03 2800 Lumens Flashlight!