Monday, September 18, 2017

Glo-Toob AAA PRO - Colorful Party!

There goes our famous Glo-Toob AAA PRO, not sure if you heard of it before, but this is the newest gadget that replaces our glow-sticks!  These little babies runs on a single AAA battery, be it a normal AAA or a NiMH. However, a little note here - if you are using NiMH, you will need to put an oring on the back of the battery to make the light work properly, or else the light cannot turn off.  

In the picture above, you can see the lights in green, blue, red, orange, and white. You might wonder why the orange one look different - that is actually the older version, the non-PRO version.  The new design is MUCH better and you can actually turn it on and off or change mode while even in the water, everything is VERY sealed up and water-proof!  

In this picture you can see Glo-Toob(S) with a slim pen, nice size comparison. The aluminum tube in the body is actually nice, it reflects the light all the way back up and make the whole tube look like one light.

Fun enough, you do not twist the cap, you twist the middle of the cap, that "ring", to turn it on or off, or switch modes!  There are 3 modes, low, high and flashing for signal!

The whole body is completely sealed up by that hard plastic and is strong enough to be used 200m under the water, so it is a nice diving light too!

this is how you can put the o-ring on the battery's butt.

You can see how the cap works, the middle section screws in and out, so it touches the battery then the light turns on. 

This is a NexTorch attachment / gadget for the Glo-Toob, which is actually VERY useful for me somehow!

The screw can be adjusted using the ring on the Glo-Toob's cap!

When you screw it tight, the Glo-Toob is secured in place, and this is meant for helmets or tac-vest, but I used it on my camera strap, and man.. it's a super nice light for up-close shots!  Floody beam!

There goes the back of the attachment, you can see the strap opens up like this, you can add this to your headlamp's strap too!  


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