Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Imalent DT70 16000 Lumens BEAST Flashlight

The Imalent DT70 is one of the craziest monster flashlight today as of 2017. It outputs max of 16000 lumens with 4x LEDs and offers you a full package (comes with battery and USB charge feature), which you can play out of the box, without having to buy anything extra. Sum it up in short, if you like monster flashlight, or what we call pocket monster, you will want to own one of these. The 16000 lumens is legit, but some say it is about 13000 lumens or about only, which doesn't matter much to be honest.  I have the Thrunite TN36 2017 and it is a 10000 lumens light by Thrunite. This beast IS BRIGHTER than the Thrunite by far, so you know what I mean now?
 Imalent DT70 - http://tidd.ly/d039ba55
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Here goes the 4x LED on the Imalent DT70, and the orange peel reflector is quite deep, which gives you a good amount of throw. The box says 700m of throw, and yes this is throwy for such a crazy bright flooder light. I have never seen a flooder that throwy too.

Roll the light over, and here goes the OLED screen with voltage display and the lumen / mode display. The 2 rubber buttons are easy to press and will not be turn on by accident for sure. It does take some force to push and turn it on. I have to say, the voltage reading on this light is not very accurate, but it is better to have the estimation feature than not have.
Roll the light over, you will see the USB port behind the rubber seal / cover. This rubber cap can be pulled off easily with some force, be careful not to lose it when you are out in the dark.
The back is pretty, you will see the imalent DT70 word in big bolded font, and the "flood king" who claimed to have 700m of throw, but still a "flood king". What the heck eh?
The light has a few modes, from 80lm, 1000lm, 5000lm, 8500lm and then the 16000lm.
When you turn on the light, you can see the OLED, and yup the anti-roll design really works.

Here goes the 16000  lumens mode, and everywhere is white-out, super scary bright.

As I said before, the Imalent DT70 comes with 4x batteries and they are 3000mah Samsung brand INR18650 inside. I know because I ripped one of the battery and rewrapped it, and the inside says Samsung! :)  Nice battery for nice flashlight, good combo!
I forgot to add, this light can operate on 1x, or 2x, or 3x, or 4x battery, and if you watch my review, you will see my testing with it. That means, if your battery died on the trip, and you are left with only 1x 18650, you can still put it into this light and enjoy your bright night. It's super cool to have this feature, which even the Thrunite TN36 don't have!

Here goes the big strong springs in the body, and some people say that these springs will loosen up with time and not hold the contact well. I don't know how it will really do, but to me they are still doing fine at this moment. We will update the crowd if something happen to wear out and not work later on.
That's right, the Imalent DT70 is another palm size monster, or a pocket monster. It actually fits my jacket's pocket on the side.  Very good size for camping and even walking. I have been walking with this light for a few days now and it is a joy to walk with it daily. Super cool to see the 16000 lumens blast of light from time to time - although it is dangerous to blast it out when cars are driving by!

Here is the size comparison between the HaikeLite MT03 ont he left, and the Thrunite TN36 2017 on the right. The Imalent DT70 is a bit taller than both but slimmer than the Haikelite. The anti-roll design on the Imalent DT70 is better than the two others. They are all good lights, but the 16000 lumens is hard to beat, it's really crazy bright!
Imalent DT70 - http://tidd.ly/d039ba55
code - GB17LED for 12% off original price

Here goes my YouTube review!  Don't miss out the beamshots in there!  Super crazy!


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