Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Imalent DN70 - Only $58 for a 3800 Lumen Compact Flashlight

Imalent DN70 is a crazy flashlight at this price range. It outputs max of 3800 lumens, comes with a nice 4000mah 26650 battery, and is USB rechargeable, that means it is a full package that is ready to play when you get the box!  Great gift idea!  You will shock all your friends with this flashlight, it's really crazy bright for this kind of size, and it is comparable to the Convoy L6 at 3800 lumens too, just with less flood i guess. I would have to say, that this is the best compact flashlight I have seen in 2017 out of all the other small size monsters. Even my Klarus G20 got to step asde and bow to this Imalent DN70 lol!
Imalent DN70 $57.99 - CODE- 45kafc

Here is the LED and the nice orange peel reflector, giving you a lot of flood but also throw. Weird enough, this light throws very well, even better than the Klarus G20 and such. I am shocked!

The back is very unique, because it is blue in color but dos not have anything special inside!  I thought it's magnetic or there is supposed to be a bunny popping out when I unscrew the blue part. Turns out it's just a design, with nothing special but color...

 The light is sexy looking and the two rubber button is very easy to find in the dark.  You can also see that the center is an OLED screen that shows you the voltage and the lumen / mode too. I have to say that this light does get hot when you use it on the turbo mode for a while, but its normal I guess. What doesn't get hot when its outputting so much light?

The other side is the USB charging port, which is protected by the rubber cover. I do have to tell you that this rubber cover can pop out by accident if you pull to hard. Don't be too aggressive with it when pulling it out.
The size is just right for my hand and it is pocket friendly!  Bright, powerful, and compact size, the perfect combo for 2017 flashlight trend?
Can you spot the 3800 lumens word in the O LED?

When opens up, here goes the included 26650 battery, 4500 mah, pretty good!  Notice that the battery is a flat top. My klarus G20's battery cannot fit in this light, because of the extra height on the button top part. Ooops!
Look at the spring inside, pretty beefy looking right?  I would have to say that these Imalent lights do have some nice looking internals.
When the battery is in, that's how it looks, very nice picture showing you the flat top part.

You can see my klarus G20 beside the Imalent DN70, and it is a big contrast isn't it?  My Klarus G20 keeps on screaming at this moment because it is too long and bulky, he wants to slim down to win the competition. LOL!
Imalent DN70 $57.99 - CODE- 45kafc

My YouTube review!  Get one when you can, this Imalent DN70 is worth the try!


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