Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Thrunite TN36 2017 Review - 10k Lumen Upgraded Beast

The Thrunite TN36 2017 is an upgraded version of the TN36-UT, it has a bit more power and comes with a fully loaded package of its own. New battery, charger, and all the goodies that you need to get it running on day 1. This Thrunite TN36 2017, when pumped with the included batteries, will output 10000 lumens, definitely a push beyond the 7300 lumens in the older version.  My unboxing video below for your enjoyment!

  The box opens up and smells like Thrunite, everything is just Thrunite, period.

Remarkable things here - the charger is different and is actually quite fancy to the eyes compared to the older version. I have made a video about it too.


The holster is pretty much the same as the TN36-UT, and nice to see the base is sealed up, unlike the Nitecore with open bottoms.

Open up the package and you see the light like this below, with the 4x imr18650..!

Note that the imr18650 is actually BETTER, but you can use your normal 18560 too. The normal ones will work, but the TN36 2017 will do better with the IMRs, giving you more lumens as a result. I have done a video showing that too.

The LEDs look almost identical to the older ones, and yes, it feels like Thrunite only changed some LEDs and boards, but kept the whole body the same. It is hard to even tell which one I am holding sometimes. They all look very alike. I wish they can print the lumens on the body, so we can actually see it in numbers on the head and on the body!

The battery carrier goes in and sits in place, then you screw the head back on for the world breaking lumen party. But do you know that in case of emergency, you can use the body tube for drinking water too? :)

Lighting up the Thrunite TN36 2017, a handheld sun-grade flashlight is now LIVE.  

Never enough videos? Thrunite TN36 2017 official review below!


Why or if you shall get the TN36-UT or the new TN36 2017?


Some comparison will bring you to a different world of joy...!


There are or might be more videos on my channel on this light now or in the future, just YouTube them up and you will see my latest updates and testings with it. So far, I like the Thrunite TN36 2017 for its brightness but I personally like the old style mode change better because it is easier to get my modes sorted out. The dimming feature sometimes can be annoying to use in the dark and will make people go crazy when you really need the light and not blinding yourself in the dark.

Get one yourself?

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