Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Klarus G20 - 3000 lumens in Palm, Must Have!

I kept asking myself, which flashlight should I take with me tonight, and which one should be the "to go" flashlight if I have to choose one and only one? The Klarus G20 is my conclusion as of today, it is always in my jacket when I go out, because of a few very good reasons. I have done a lot of reviews on YouTube about this light too, and not forget GearBest also got a discount coupon code that might still work for you if you are in luck!

 Klarus G20 is on sales at HALF PRICE - From $128.89 to $61.99!!!! (Coupon: 3RDGBK20) CRAZY DEAL

Nothing is better than a floody beam at night, look at that sexy reflector on the Klarus G20, it's really floody and freindly for walking at night, or even walking in the woods. It's not "too floody" with no throw, which is also why I liked it so much. You can still light up things across the street and spot people far away, which makes it very useful.

  The only complain I have is the button ont he side, which is too easy to depress by accident. I wish they make it harder to press, or use the flat / flush design like the Thrunite, which can avoid a lot of accidental power-on issue.  But again, no light is perfect as of today.

The Klarus G20 is very much a full package, it comes with a 5000mah 26650 battery, and also rechargaeble by the USB port, which is covered by a rubber cover. The light is water-proof and such, which you do not have to worry abouton the rainy days or even dropping it into the river by accident. 

Why is this light so beloved here?  Because it is a full package on its own, you don't need extra charger, you don't need extra batteries, and this light will last for days before needing a recharge if you use it wisely. 

There is also a switch on the tailcap side which is extra handly for tactical user, or giving you an extra option of instant-moonlight mode by using this switch. The switch is also not protruding too much, so it will not affect the tailstand ability of the light too. Schweet!

YES! 5000mah battery, 26650 cell by Klarus!  That means, long runtime, which is essential for a real survival light or a bug-out light. You don't want a light that only last for 1-3 hours!

Double springs from top and bottm to prevent your battery from being crushed, and also protecting the boards from damages, shock-proof design, and of course, sealed by o-rings to eliminate any dirty stuff or water / moist-air from going into the tube! 

Enough side, youtube video time!

Klarus G20 is on sales at HALF PRICE - From $128.89 to $61.99!!!! (Coupon: 3RDGBK20) CRAZY DEAL

Torture testing in snow!

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