Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Best Flashlight Video!

This is my best viewcount and earning flashlight video. Why did it went viral, can it be a magical blessing from YouTube?  I don't know, but you can see it and tell me why. The camera quality isn't the best, video isn't fancy and not edited mostly. I was just having fun myself on the balcony and trying to be funny at the same time. Somehow, people like to see a fun guy having fun at home. That's YouTube!

I have been doing so many flashlight reviews on YouTube and most of them are product reviews, showing people the product, beamshot, getting more and more serious, but is this really driving in a lot of good traffic?  Not as much as my old stuff. I wonder why.  I think YouTube is a place where people are most inclined to search up something fun to watch, something that they will know a guy is not being a "sales" of a product, and just having fun himself, which shows the real side of human being, and the real feelings they have behind the product. I guess that's why.

Somehow I have this urge of wanting to try to goof around again and try to do some of these fun videos again with the informal vibe, not sure if that is a good idea? 

Beside that, I want to buy new stuff in the future to do product reviews for my guns and stuff again, but I am really out of space at home. If anyone is interested in buying my gears including flashlights, guns, euro swords and stuff, you can alway e-mail me to inquire!

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