Saturday, August 26, 2017

HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer 9000 LUMEN BEAST!

HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer- another crazy compact monster flashlight with close to 10000 lumens output!  They claim to be 9000 lumens, but the manual says it is 8760 lumens to be exact. Tell you the truth in short, it is just like the Thrunite TN36 2017 when put side by side in terms of brightness, so you can might as well call this a 10k lumen flashlight, for just about $100!

Excited?  You can get one from the link below with discount!

Buy - HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer 9000 lunens -
exp Sept 30 coupon --HMT3GB ($77.99)!!!!
 Buy 4x 18650 non protected cell -

*coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales

The light comes in a simple package, with spare o-reings, crappy landyard that we don't give a beep about, and most importantly, the light - no battery included though. Get your own 4x 18650 (better to be non-protected cells).

Here goes the manual and the light itself, Love that white button, it's rubbery and bouncy, very easy to feel that in the dark.

Did I tell you that this is very anti-roll? The light don't roll and can sit still either this way or the other side around, because the body has a flat spot - unlike the Thrunite TN36 that rolls like a ball all the time...!

There goes the other side, with a tripod hole and a flat surface that stops it from rolling. Very nice design to be honest, just a bit bulky, but it's bulky for a good reason.

There goes the LED. They are not slanted like the Thrunite TN36 but rather all straightly placed like a grid, with the whole reflector in OP style, pretty good to be honest.

The light on the left is the 9k lumen Haikelite beast, the right is the Thrunite TN36 2017, very alike in a way, but the head on the Thrunite is smaller, and the reflector is also not 100% alike. Which one is better? Um...

That is the back of the light, clearly printed Haikelite, cool logo, I wish the back will have a huge magnet ont he base,  then we can stick this 9000 lumens beast on the fridge for fun, isn't that cool?

When you screw the cap on tight, you can still see the red o-ring showing in the gap, which means if this is tossed into a bucket of harmful chemicals, the o-ring might get eaten up by the chemicals?  Water is definitely fine, but I am not sure how well it will do against harmful elements in this case, the o-rings exposing like that is new to me. 

Grabbing the Haikelite in the hand feels great, the light is chubby and not too heavy, with my chubby hand, it feels like they have just married each others.

The Back opens up like this and you can see the 2 o-rings clearly now. In the light is my favorite 4x 18650 from Thrunite, yet, they are not the best choice, I should have put the IMR18650 in there as suggested. Maybe I should try that later on with the new imr18650 that came with my Thrunite TN36 2017 instead.

Nice looking electronitcs eh? Gold plated springs and connectors? The little plate or piece on the cap will freely spin around and you would need to align the two studs to get the cap screwed on properly. 

A nice shot inside the light, you can see the springs and stuff there..!

Realized the blue button? It's actually VERY blue in reality, and just that light from the button alone is enough to look through my freezer at night, do you believe that?

TA DA!  9k Lumen is out! Lovely sun of a beast!

At this angle you can see the blue light better! Also, my beloved moonlight mode!

I know Thrunite is cool but this one is hard to beat if the price tag is just staying at the flash sales price, $109 for a 9k lumen monster..! I don't mind the extra weight or size!

At the end I would like to say that the Haikelite MT03 is really amazing, it should be a must-have if the price stays the same..! The bad thing is that it is not a full package - no batteries, but you can alweays get some cheaper 18650 to start with, and upgrade to the fancy ones later on when you really like the light, right?!  Come on, it's 9k lumens!

Buy - HaikeLite MT03 II Devourer 9000 lunens -
exp Sept 30 coupon --HMT3GB ($77.99)!!!!
Buy 4x 18650 non protected cell -

*coupon: GB17LED  ( 12% off discount from the full price when not at sales

Check out my video review on YouTube!


More beamshots and crazy views!

A walk with the HaikeLite MT03 II


A video from my MAKHOBBY Channel...!


Testing the Haikelite MT03 with turbo mode on and see how the step-down does. The light is amazing, and it can keep going on and on for over 1.5 hour approx. while I keep boosting it back on turbo when it step down in 2-3 mins. The 4x 18650 are down to 3.6v after the 1.5 hr testing, which is pretty good given it is pumping out a lot of lumens for a long period of time.

Enough said, it's on sales again in September!!!!  One more video for it, more beamshot for you to enjoy the beast 9000 Lumens!

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