Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fenix UC01 Keychain Light Review, Mega-Spill and Ultra-Wide Angle!

The Fenix UC01 is one of the keychain light that looks small, and useless, but will totally shock you about how practical it is when you got the wisdom to use this gadget right. Using this Fenix UC01 is not to shine it around and expect it to be a good "flashlight" that will illuminates the whole room for you. That's not the right way to use it!

To use the Fenix UC01, you need to enjoy the amount of flood and spill. You need to get a piece of masking tape, tape it overt he bulb, and now you got a nice neutral white light that can light up your scene for photo taking or for reading a map or book in the tent or car. It's so floody and so much spill that you can literally see zero hotspot from the beam, which makes it super handy for photo and video purposes.

If you are on a trip and you wear a hat, you can also velcro tape it to your hat and use it as a close up headlamp!  The Fenix UC01 is just amazing for the flood and mild beam. Not stronger the better, and Fenix UC01 proved it right. Sometimes you really want a smaller and weaker light, that does the right job for you.

Not only that it's cool indoor, but how about outdoor when you mod the Fenix UC01 with a piece of masking tape for a neutral white beam?

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