Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flashlight for a Trip or Vacation is Not Just for Illumination

Flashlight is not just for illumination, as I have always said. If you are going on a trip, you will want a flashlight or a bunch of flashlights to go with you. Going on vacation, and paying so much money for a plane ticket or the cruise ticket etc, why bring home some crappy photos with the white, pale and ugly flash'd photos?  Bring some proper flashlights and light up your scene to capture the best memory!

Most people are not exposed to flashlights technology today, and not aware that we have different flashlights with different beam temperatures, colors, and they are really different on camera when you set your camera right.

You want to avoid the cool white and blue-tone white beams when taking photos indoor, it just doesn't work out to give you a natural looking photo. Try neutral white or some warm white color?  They work better, but also not when you just shine the light directly on an object or subject!  You have to learn to diffuse the light or bounce the light around by using different techniques!  Check this video out to know more about my tricks and tips!


  1. Hello
    First of all, I liked your video, it was very intresting for me to watch it! But I see that you know something about flashlights. I want to go for a 'survival trip' but I need a good flashlights. I don't know that much about flashlights so i hope that you can help me with that? I search a flashlight that isn't that expensive. I did research and I saw the Noctic Lumen or MagLight ML. These two are the most popular flashlight in my country (Belgium). Do you know any other flashlights beside this ones? Or are these good enough?

    1. look into the Thrunite TN4A HI version for throw, or the normal version for regular use, both are good, just that the HI version is more powerful and focused, for long range use. Both runs on 4x AA battery, put some eneloop PRO AA in them and they will last a long long time for your trip. Much better than maglight (which is pretty garbage in the flashlight market today)