Friday, July 1, 2016

Thrunite TN36-UT 7300 Lumens vs Nitecore TM26 3500 Lumens Outdoor Field ...

Thrunite TN36-UT maybe one of the most powerful flashlight in a pop can size today, 7300 lumens of bright light blasting out of just 3 bulbs!  How does this light do as compare to the Nitecore TM26?  The Nitecore TM26 used to be the king of pop can lights in the past, but how is it still standing in the ranking today?  The light I have here is the Nitecore TM26 with the 3500 lumens output, which is the most original version.

In my experiment, I have took the Thrunite TN36-UT and the Nitecore TM26 out in the dark and tried them both side by side, and to my surprise, they cannot be really compared or replace each others. Even the Thrunite TN36 is crazy bright, it is a flood light of 7300 lumens afterall, and does lack the throw that I want for a long range beamshot. The Nitecore TM26 is nice and focused for a pretty long distance, yet the light seems less bright and the beam color is kind of too cool or white in the air, which is not as comfortable to the eyes and things don't look as natural as it is with the neutral white on the TN36-UT.

Less talking, more watching, let's dig in and see the video testing I have done to show you the difference of these two crazy flashlights in the dark. You will not believe your eyes, that flashlights have been going crazy powerful these days while getting smaller and smaller in size! One day we might have a 1000 lumens keychain flashlight, or maybe a USB drive with a flashlight that can output 1000 lumens, lol!

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