Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Best Zoomable Flashlight - Sunwayman T25C

There are so many Zoomable flashlights on the market today, especially the CREE stuff on EBAY which sucks and totally lacks some serious quality. This is the best zoomable Flashlight I have ever had in my journey of flashlight collection - Sunwayman T25C. I thought I would have hated it, but somehow it worked well for me this time. I am starting to like it more and more when I get the hang of it. Here is my day one review with the light, and you can definitely see I am still in doubt of it on my day one, until I tried the beamshot outside..!

After all that beamshot, I played around with it furthermore and realized that the Sunwayman T25C zoomable flashlight is doing better when you focus the light at the square beam zone. Tested and proven in the video below.

Crazy throw eh?  This light is doing even better than I thought and it just takes some time for the zoomring to workout and get smoother, but afterall this is a nice zoomable flashlight with a lot of power in the small package. Does it worth the money? Definitely worth it. I cannot even compare this to the cheapo zoomies on EBAY that I had. It's like two different world of things. If you tried the EBAY stuff, this thing is totally going to shock you. The built quality is totally a different grade. The metal is much better, the button is much better, and the beam's brightness is at least legit. There was a cheapo zoomie I got that claimed 700 lumens and product only like half the light as this one, lol! You can't believe your eyes when you try this UFO light out. Don't forget to get your Sunwayman T25C today at

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