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Most Powerful Flashlight for Lumens -7300 Lumens Pop Can Light!

The Thrunite TN36-UT got to be the most powerful flashlight you can get in the market, a 7300 lumens output in a pop can size, very amazing and can be said as a breakthrough in flashlight's history. You need to buy one, just because you want to be the king at night, and shine this thing around your neighborhood, and just watch what people do when they see the light..!  I have other lights that is about the same size, such as the Nitecore TM series and such, but they are nowhere near a 7300 lumens mark! Before I go into the review, let's give you the link to buy the lights first. I have included more links to buy the light from different sources, just in case one of them is on sales or something, you can pick and choose where to buy yours!

Buy Thrunite TN36-UT 7300 Lumens Flashlight here:
My Thrunite TN36-UT is a neutral white version, which outputs a more warm to pink-orange color beam, and I love it!  The reflector is very much a tri-orange-peel reflector and is pretty decently floody. The size is just about the same as a pop can, or even smaller. With the tough stainless steel beel ring, you will be ensured that the glass shall not break or crack upon any drops and accidents.
Putting it side by side with a pop can is just the best thing to do with these kind of light. This Thrunite TN36-UT is the same size and appearance as their earlier Thrunite TN30 Mini and Thrunite TN36, same body, different labels on the tube, and of course, a change of the LED and battery case with the board modified to output in a certain way that fits you light's need. Somehow I really like the simple design with just one button, and just like all Thrunite's UI, it's all the smae kind of operation, which makes us a true Thrunite fans, and we just need to memorize one logic of mode changing, good and simple, no panic for emergency!

I have put a landyard loop there on the back of the light, and I find that the black one that it came with isn't as appealing, so I put on an orange one for better visibility at night. This one should be from lumintop! :) 
What is better than using Thrunite's 18650 inside this monster light?  I have find that the best battery to use for these monster lights, is to stick to their manufacture's brand. I am sure they test all their flashlights using their own brand of batteries (if they have made it). You can't go wrong with Thrunite's battery, buy the full package with the batteries and chargers, they are super quality products!
The top and bottom of this battery holder is the same, so you do not have to worry about the battery going in the wrong direction. It is also very easy to put the battery bundle into the tube. Unlike the JETBeam RRT3 of mine which just hates to eat most brands of the batteries, and the body just love to scratch and peel off the wrappings all the time. This one fits just fine, and is very friendly to my batteries! 
The holder is very nice and sturdy, in case of anything, if you ever run out of battery, you can use it as a candle holder or a mug, lol!  I figured that it won't be nice to pour pepsi in there, since we don't want to drink with the grease and crap on the edge... but... 

I love how you can still have a strong firefly mode in this monster light!  Personally I have put this light on firefly mode for over 1 months without turning it off, and it did the job!  After a month or so, I pull the batteries out for a recharge and they are at about 3.6v only instead of 4.2v, so I still have some days to go!  Imagine you are in a very stressful survival situation, if you have a light like this and the firefly mode or low mode can really get you some help even you are lost for a month! 

I have heard from LEOs that they sometimes have to go on night shift at a traffic stopping station, and they just don't turn the light off the whole night, because they need to constantly do work.  At the same time, they don't want to change batteries during duty hours too. If you have this light, you can use it on the medium mode for the whole night already, and it's crazy bright!  You are very ensured to be geared up and prepared!

Double click for turbo mode -7300 lumens!  I have never seen a light that bright before, but I can tell you that it's like turning on your normal lights at home, everything seems just like daylight when you light up a dark room with this thing. Thrunite TN36-UT is crazy, and it's definitely wow-ing. The light does get a bit warm when you use it on turbo mode, but the light has some safety feature built into it, which will step down a bit to regulate the temperature for safety reason. I like that, and have proven it myself in the video testing below!

Watch my video reviews!

Buy Thrunite TN36-UT 7300 Lumens Flashlight here:
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You can see the light has a temperature regulation system built in, it's for sure not going to put your life at risk with those scary lithium batteries. NEVER trust any cheapos with these high lumens and high power flashlights. Those knockoffs on ebay and stuff might seems also very bright, but they are all labelled with false claims, fake lumens, and most of all, no guarantee to last, no warranty, and they do not give a crap if your light blew up from overheat issues. It's not their concern!  While Thrunite gives you a good warranty service, good customer service, and they take our safety very seriously. With a good ethical company, you should have no worry in your mind. It's not just brighter the better, but bright and safe is the best!

Some of you might think frying an egg with a flashlight equals to power, but it is not the case. If the flashlight isn't going crazy hot, it cannot fry an egg up, or boil any water up. As you can see, this light is bright, and not going THAT hot, which means the regulation system is working well!
Buy Thrunite TN36-UT 7300 Lumens Flashlight here:
Amazon Ca:

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