Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thrunite T21 - Why Thrunite Discontinued this Great Product?

The Thrunite TN21 is a great flashlight, and most people will say that it look just like the Olight S1 Baton. They are both about the same power, size and purpose, also equipped with a magnet at the back. The difference could be very minimal, but as a user here, I can tell you that they are not replaceable and they are just two different things.

The Thrunite TN21 is a great product, and here is a beamshot review done outdoor. Not that it is supposed to be an outdoor light, but it is indeed powerful and bright enough for outdoor activities. The light has a magnetic tailcap, which makes it super handy for repair and maintenance work, or just sticking it around your fuse box or something like that. I have fixed car batteries by sticking this light under the cover of my car and it basically lights up everything underneath for me, very very cool and handy.

The Olight S1 Baton, offers you a more yellowish beam, a mild and smooth hotspot, more soft and radiating light beam, with a comfortable and yellowish tint that is great for indoor. I think the beam color is perfect for camping and any indoor use, such as a night-time light. It doesn't disturb you from the mood of sleeping and resting, and it helps you to calm down. The white tint ont he Thrunite T21 makes you awake and want to do stuff, move around and stay focused. Both are nice, but for their own purpose.

Why did Thrunite discontinued such a great product?  Thrunite T21 used to be my favorite night-light for getting around and checking out things that is suspicious, especially the garage etc... and now the light is gone from their store. Sad, and I hope they will come up with a new product soon.

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