Saturday, July 2, 2016

The best flashlight comparison on youtube!

How to make the best flashlight comparison on YouTube?  I never expect this video from my earlier vids will be doing so well, but it is one of my most popular video so far.. why is it so liked and popular compared to the newer ones? I have no idea, lol!  Maybe because the video was showing some light-saber looking beamshot? Maybe a lot of people are coming to comment?  What is the real trick to make a viral or popular video on YouTube?

After all these years doing reviews and videos on YouTube, making so many flashlight videos and comparison videos, I find that the more technical and nerdy I goes, the less popular it gets, maybe because it is too hard to understand or be appreciated by the majority? Flashlight forums and such are for the flashaholics, the "nerd" group, and they are actually the "minor" group in the world. Most people just go to a big box store and buy a $5 crap-light, who knows what a real flashlight is like? But by doing a surface and shallow comparison, with minimal terminology, maybe it struck them better and make them wow more?

What do you think? Give me some comments and see if I can improve my newer videos?

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