Monday, July 11, 2016

Most Powerful Flashlight Under $100, Convoy L6

You cannot believe it, the most powerful flashlight ever in the sub $100 range - Convoy L6, bringing you a 3800 lumen beam of craziness! This thing is unreal!  The only complain I have is the battery compatibility because it uses 26650 and I have none of those around. The work-around is to use 18650, but you might need a plastic holder to help you fill up the space. The Convoy L6 is indeed one of the most powerful flashlight in my collection, really one of those "great bang for the bucks" kind of flashlight. It's one of a kind, you need to get one to try it out yourself. I think I might end up loving this light.

The first day I got this Convoy L6, I was not too impressed by the orange peel reflector and thought, why they put such a reflector on this light? I would like a smooth reflector for more throw power for this kind of light, why flood? Here is my day1 review of the Convoy L6, it's pretty powerful though, not saying that it's not legit. The 3800 lumens should be legit as claimed.

Let's bring the new baby Convoy L6 outside and try it out....

The Convoy L6 is a beast for sure, but it is nowhere near the craziness of the Nitecore TM26 and TM16GT, which made me think again, is this really that powerful as claimed? I decided to put this to another test..!

One thing why I love this light so much now is because of the flood while keeping some serious throw power. The design of this light is definitely a security light design, for those security who needs to check around the place at night and prepare for any attacks coming up which they can then use the light to smack people and such. The threads should be strong enough and the body is definitely hard enough for the job. Not forget that it comes with some nice "teeth" on the bezel, which is great for this purpose too.  Having a too focused beam will lead to a problem - you cannot see the surrounding when you are checking out a park or a parking lot. Therefore, this kind of beam profile is actually quite nice. I think next thing I would need to do is find out how to "carry" the light around, maybe a hook or loop ont he hip, and that might work.

As of today, I think this is definitely a best choice for home defense or security purpose light. When you don't need a compact size light but you just want a good balance of throw and flood together, while still having the nice long body tube for a clubbing action if necessary, this thing will do the job for you!

I cannot say more good things about the Convoy L6, it's crazy powerful for just $50!

Get your Convoy L6 here!

Don't forget to pick up your batteries and charger!  It doesn't come with any!

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