Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lumintop SD4A - Over 1000 Lumens with 4x AA Battery!

Lumintop SD4A is another crazy good, oh wait, it's now my BEST 4xAA sub-compact flashlight! I have to tell you guys that this is not like any other 4xAA light you can find in the market!  I have a lot of love for Thrunite's light and their TN4A, but this one made it better by using a smaller body, and has the D cell compatibility in case you run out of AA batteries! That's right, you can use a single D cell in the light as a replacement of the 4x AA battery too. This light outputs 1000 lumens with just 4x NiMH, and if you buy the XP-L Hi version, it claims 950 lumens, but is actually much brighter than that in reality. I remembered someone from another forum tested the lumens of these lights and they are actually all over 1000 lumens in his test. No matter what the number is, I cam just tell you that it's stunningly bright!  I have no more words in my brain that can describe this light's brightness, but with 4x AA battery, it cannot get any brighter! Before we go on with the review, check out the links below to buy yours!

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First of all, let's take a look at the size of this Lumintop SD4A, it's what I call a sub-popcan size flashlight. The light is very slim and feels very solid when put together. Everything fits tightly together and it seems like the light can even be a pocket-friendly light too. I tried carrying it on my jacket's chest pocket, it is okay and feels comfortable enough for a short walk. 

There goes the head to head comparison. You can't imagine a 4x AA flashlight is that small eh?  We used to call those pop can lights "tiny monsters" and what about this one now? I think we can call it Micro-monster? MM Light? 
The design on this Lumintop SD4A is pretty slick. The knurling is not the best for grippy texture, but it does provides you some anti-slip texture. The light is not really anti-roll, but you can use the landyard for the job. I like how they have rubberized buttons. It took me a while to learn the UI though. I am too used to working with Thrunite and Nitecores these days. If you are new to flashlight, this UI can take you a while to get used to, but it's not too complicated. Some people like 2 buttons operation more than one, such as my spouse. She likes it when power and mode is separated!
See where the landyard loop is? The light is nicely balanced when you hang this by your wrist. It feels so comfortable to carry this light around when I walk around the block at night. It's just so slim, so small, and so comfortably balanced! 
Mine is the XP-L Hi version, which gives me a super-batman beam, outputting over 1000 lumens of light and a tight beam that shoots out 450+ meters, dude, this is a 4xAA flashlight, we aren't even touching the 3.7v batteries here!  Insane!  Most people will not believe any AA battery flashlight can be that stunningly bright and throwing 450m!   

When disassembled, you can see the light is like this, with a nice and sturdy battery holder in the center, which is designed to prevent any reversed polarity issue. You can put it in either way and it will still fire up the light. Putting a D cell in for the replacement of a AA holder is a nice touch, but my D cell (rechargeable) is not working well, so I have to put a piece of folded aluminum foil under the cell to make it fit. Maybe the normal D cell works better, or maybe it's just my crappy Trenergy cells that is too small?  Not sure why! 

Nice and sexy, period. 
Fired up the light and you get you nice sexy 450m of throw. There are many modes there, but the strobe mode is the hardest one to get it working. I just learned it after I made the review. It's a good thing that they have this lock-out feature too, which prevents the light from accidentally turning itself on. I also like how the light feels very light weight in the hand when compared to a similar product such as the JETBeam SR40 and the Thrunite TN4A. The Lumintop SD4A is indeed the best 4xAA light in my collection now, and I think anyone going on a trip or flight might want to just pick one up. AA battery is easy to find, which makes the light a great choice if you have to go away for a longer period of time. Sometimes you just cannot find a place to charge your 3.7v li-ion cells. 

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