Sunday, July 10, 2016

Throw King vs Throw King - Thrunite TN40 vs Nitecore TM36

The Thrunite TN40 and Nitecore TM36 side by side, is indeed hard to compare and see which one is better. They are both a throw king, but the TN40 is much more compacted and light weight in size, while the TM36 is very heavy and clumsy. Yes you can use a normal battery tube for the Nitecore TM36, but the head is still very huge and heavy.

After my testing, I still think the Nitecore TM36 is about the same as the Thrunite TN40 in terms of throw, but the Thrunite TN40 got a bit more flood and makes it a more balanced light. If I have to choose a light to pick for camping or any survival situation, I will pick the Thrunite TN40 for sure, at least we are not down to a pure light saber night. I like a bit of flood to balance off the beam profile. The Nitecore TM36 might be too tightly focused for my taste.

However, if we are going on search and rescue, then the Nitecore TM36 is definitely the king to mark any subject in the mountain or in the dark, It can totally draw a circle of light around the subject and ligth'em up!  Now imagine a burglar trying to sneak into your house at night around 4am, and you strobe him from the 3rd floor and down with a Thrunite TN40 or a Nitecore TM36, I think both will really make him freak out and fly away literally. Maybe he will pee on the spot and cry too, who knows!?  Then all we need now is a big siren and fire a bunch of siren sound at him, then basically he will surrender and hand in all his money instead of robbing your house. Flashlight for home defense now got a different meaning! :) Check out my review and comparison for the Thrunite TN40 with the Nitecore TM36, it's amazing, and it's stunning!

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