Sunday, July 24, 2016

Best Micro Flashlight, Super Deal - $20 Only!

JETBeam Mini-1 is on sales now for $19.99 only and you don't want to miss out this crazy good deal. Even without the sales discount, it's still a very decent light, and you can always get 8% discount using my code "GBLED2016" too. Buy Jetbeam Mini-1 here:

I will try to cut it short, but just so you know, this is a light that comes with a super complete package, and it's a great gift idea for yourself, your love one, or even your kids!  The light is very small, or microscopic I should say. Don't be fooled by its size, it's firing out 130 lumens of light!

The JETBeam Mini-1 is not like your normal keychain light, it's more like a pendant you can wear around your neck. The package comes with a chain too, but I find that the chain sometimes likes to eat my hair at the back, um...

 This is not a trashcan, it's the JETBeam Mini-1 upside down, with the head unscrewed, and there goes the protected and o-ring sealed USB charging port. The idea of putting the USB charging port there is just ingenious. You cannot believe how well everything is designed and put together!  The USB charging port allows you to plug the light to any micro USB port, such as the cable that you use to charge your phone, and it will start charging!

A better show of the head and chain, it actually do look good with the chain, maybe it's me who needs to shave my neck's hair and it will work...! 

There goes the USB in action, and a red light shows up when charging. The light turns to green when it's done charging. Usually it takes about 30mins to 1hr to fully get it charged up if your battery is really low. Sometimes just plug it in once a while and it will only take about 10-15mins to top up. If this is your EDC and you do use it from time to time, it's always a good idea to charge it once a week at least, just to be safe. If you do use it often, then of course charge it when you get home!

You can see the nice threading there, it's a well cut threading, and fits great, no wobble or any play when assembled together. Sturdy!

The whole package disassembled!  You get all these things in the box, and also a manual and some o-rings etc. But again, who cares about manual and such. This is what you actually take and use at the end. Good enough!  You can buy spare batteries for this light HERE and they are not expensive, given that they are all rechargeable.  The high mode of 130 lumens will last about 20mins, while the low mode of about 10 or so lumens will last you 6 to 7 hours, that's a full night of runtime!

Low mode, very bright to be honest, it doesn't look like 10 lumens to me, but more.

 High mode, 130 lumens, and I can compare this to my Thrunite Ti3 which is 120 lumens, and they look very similar to me.  Definitely legit!

As you can see the light is super small compared to my pen there. Great for ladies too!  If you want to see it in action, here are my YouTube reviews. As I said, so far, this is the BEST pendant light package on the market, because it comes with all the things you need and the light is very well built. You can just buy this and give it to your friend or love one, and they can use it right out of the box. The DQG series is nice, but it doesn't come with battery and charger, plus the packaging is cheap as crap. You want this JETBeam Mini-1 to impress people, and give them a full and joyful experience from the beginning to the end. This thing is legit, buy one!!!  I never feel so high about a small light, but this thing is definitely something you want to buy and put it on your neck all the time.

As you can see, for such a small light, outputting that much power is just insane. What's better is that if you are encountering any accidents or blackout, this light's low mode can guide you out the dark space even it will take you 5-6 hours to pull through. Not bad!  I will definitely use this as my EDC...!

Again,  "GBLED2016" for 8% discount if sales is over.
Buy Jetbeam Mini-1 here:
batteries here -

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