Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thrunite TN40 vs Nitecore TM16GT -Flashlight Beamshot Battle

Thrunite TN40 and the Nitecore TM16GT is almost adentical in appearance from a distance, they look super alike in size, and design, but are totally different in terms of internals, performance and output. I must say that they are very close competitors, since they both have super long throw and high output. The Nitecore TM16GT is going to 3600 lumens and throwing 1003m which is an ice breaker already for this throw-party in flashlight. The Thrunite TN40 is even more crazy, going 1150m, now that is a breakthrough... with 4450 lumens!

There is always give and take. Thrunite TN40 is powerful and nice, but the drawback is the battery pack that most people frown upon. No one likes to use a battery pack that needs to be charged by a power cable, and that is not so good for most flashlight fans. For myself, I think it's fine, because you are getting this boosted power that cannot be achieved by the same kind of battery and bulb, so they made it better, and the charge time is reduced to almost 2x, which is faster charge too. The Olight SR90 and similar lights, or even Nitecore BP52 etc.. all runs on power cords and no one complained?

The operation of the Thrunite TN40 is good, with just one button, no fancy stuff or hard to operate stuff. In the dark, sometimes 2 button is already too much for the brain. When we need a light, one button and it's there, why even bother with a second button?  I feel that if I am in stress, the Thrunite TN40 will definitely make the job easier for me to put out a high power beam or s strobe beam, while the Nitecore TM16GT will have chance of giving me a hiccup when I am trying to locate the switch and press the right button.  Of course, this is for self defense situation, and we hope that is not going to happen anytime soon!  Anyway, watch the comparison with the beamshot of the two and you shall not be disappointed by either one of these powerful lights!

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