Thursday, July 21, 2016

Shocking Deal for EDC Powerful Flashlight

See this picture? On the Road M3 is the flashlight for you, if you haev never handled a 920 lumens flashlight with this kind of size. Nothing has been photoshoped, it is indeed a super compact EDC flashlight that can output 920 lumens with just one included 16340 battery (CR123 friendly). It's super compact, super powerful, and what's best is, super inexpensive if you buy it with my link. There is also a 8% discount if you use "GBLED2016 " for the coupon code. Right now it's on sale, and is only $24 USD for the whole package that includes the light, battery, charger, cord, and a nice padded pouch for protecting your light if you really do cary about it. I personally think that pouch is nice for another purpose but is not needed for such a tough flashlight.
This light uses an orange peel reflector which gives you a nice floody beam, and the one I got here is equipped with a very orange tone / warm tone beam, which is what I love for these kind of light. The cold white or cool white is nice for showoff but bad for actual use. This warm color beam makes it so comfortable for the eyes when you use it in the dark. It won't screw up your vision and make your eye balls all tensed up and such.  Oh right, and stainless steel bezel is nice, at least it is very tough and will protect your lens properly, even when dropped face-on the ground.

There goes the body of the "on the road M3", it's grid-looking texture does provide you some non-slip vibe when holding the light. There is also a typical yet strong clip on the side for pocket clipping, or clipping it on your hat or something liek that. From the side, you can also see the on/off button is protected by a stainless steel piece, and is definitely a well constructed design.

Wow, that is bright isn't it? Double click to get on turbo for 920 lumens, or just click to change modes. This baby has a lot of modes, but this one below is the best mode to me...
That's right, this is the lowest mode, what we call moonlight or firefly mode. It's a super low lumen mode, which offers you just enough light to look around in the dark in case you are just finding something while everyone else is sleeping. With the nice warm temporature of the light, you won't screw up your own night vision ability too.

Alright, it's a MAG-LIGHT!  The tailcap is equipped with a magnet inside and so you can stick it to your fridge, your door, your car and everything metal and magnetic. I love mag-lights, I mean, these kind of magnetic lights. Flashlights are great tools, and they are even better when you can just stick them around. I don't even store up my mag-lights, becuase I jsut stick them around the table's leg all the time (steel legs). It's so nice and so handy when it comes to car repairs and computer repairing. You just wnat to stick this thing somewhere and shine it at the spot for you. Lovely!  

On the road M3 - comes with a nice charger, a battery that has its unique wrapping, and as you can see, the flashlight has a pretty nice body with a pretty thick wall, meaning that, it's for sure tough enough for most situation. The charger is very nice, I have tried it myself and you can charge from USB or the wall using its cord provided. I love how "fully loaded" this package is, you just want to buy one for yourself, for your friend, and for your whatever or whoever who just don't have it yet.
Here are all the stuff inside the box. I personally don't give a X about the landyard and o0ring here, but they are nice to have, just in case. The pouch is excessive stuff, but I think there are some good purpose for it other than putting the flashlight into it... which makes it super clumsy. The manual is fully in moon runes - Chinese, which most people cannot read, but it's fine, you got me and my reviews...!
Here is how it look inside the box. You have to open up the top and bottom to find your battery and charger and all that goodies. I think the presentation is very nice and definitely nothing "cheapo vibe" here. It feels like a professional presentation, much better than a clamshell ugly package.

At the end, here are some nice flashlights put together, in order: Nitecore EC11, Olight S1 baton, Thrunite T21, On the Road M3, chapstick, AA battery, C cell battery. As you can see from the picture, this light is a tiny bit bitter than the Thrunite T21, but then, 920 lumens vs Thrunite's 450 lumens?  You pick which one you want! Olight S1 baton is still the smallest, but then, it's just 500 lumens, compared to a 920 lumens. Hard to beat!

I will make videos about this On the Road M3 later and post the review up here and on YouTube. Before I get the time and energy to do so, don't forget to buy one yourself and for your friend before this deal is gone.. it's on discount guys..!

Use "GBLED2016 " for code at checkout for 8% more discount on top... Then I think it end up like $21 only for a light, battery, charger and pouch and such... you cannot get a better deal anywhere. Get your On the Road M3 here -

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