Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nitecore P12GT, 1000Lumens, Over 300m of Throw! - Improved Bezel

Take a look at one of the best EDC flashlight from Nitecore, P12GT, their newly upgraded version of the Nitecore P12. With a new bulb, new bezel and maybe some difference on the board, this new GT version performs even better than the already-perfect P12. I have to say that with their little changes, it made a big difference for the user.

The bezel now got some small teeth on it, which made the light extremely nice for self defense, and the light is now throwing much further in distance, which converts to better blinding power. With all these, you can pretty much conclude that it is a low-profile EDC plus self defense flashlight. I cannot say more about how good this version is, especially with the nice new bezel.

After my review with this Nitecore P12GT, I swapped my glow in the dark taicap to this GT beast and empowered it with one more good feature, now this is PERFECT! Check out my review on YouTube and there are also some beamshot test outside when it gets to the end. Enjoy and don't forget to pick one up from here:

coupon:CNP12GT price:42.99
*only for limited pieces
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