Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Smallest and Most Powerful Flashlights You Can't Believe Exist

You will not believe this, but the JETBeam Mini-1 has been the smallest flashlight I have seen so far, and it is a new category in my collection called "micro-lights". It's not weak at all, with a good throw and beamshot that is comparable to my Thrunite Ti3!  It shoots out 130 lumens of crazy bright light, while my Thrunite Ti3 is outputting 120 lumens only!  It's not as good in terms of throw, but it is definitely stunning bright.

The JETBeam Mini-1 is so small, so sexy, and it tcomes in a nice little package with a heart-shaped metal container which makes it perfect for a gift, and of course, converting your girlfriend or wife into your hobby of flashlight collecting!  It was raining like crap last night, and I so wished the power went out, but it didn't! Urgh!

Here is my video review of the light, and you might wonder why I am so hyped there... well, for obvious reasons!  I love the JETBeam Mini-1!  It's so well built and so quality made!

After that video was made, I took the light outside for test drive and is super impressed by it, take a look at the review video comparing to the Thrunite Ti3 side by side out there.

This light is also USB rechargeable and comes with a battery. The whole package is already playable when you receive it, no need to buy batteries and such. It's a package that you can just buy and give to someone and see them go crazy!

Get yours here!  You will not regret it!  I am not joking, this is THE BEST gift idea, just get it and wow with me, it's not something you c an understand until you hold it in your hand, and soon you will want to blog it up or spam facebook with your light pictures!

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