Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lumintop Colored Worm 4.0 Keychain Flashlight Reivew 110 Lumens with One...

Lumintop Colored Worm 4.0 sounds kind of hard to remember, and the name is kind of weird, but the light is definitely a great design with a bit more power than their Tool AAA keychain flashlight. Before I have personally went out and test the light in the dark, I never know how much more powerful it is, and after I did my test, I must say - WOW, this thing does throws further away and the beam is indeed a bit tighter! Nice power from a single AAA cell!

The most important feature of this light is the ribbed design for anti-slip in the hand, giving you a very grippy body, and also a silicone ring that glows in the dark for easier access to the light in the super-dark situation. These glow in the dark is not the best, but they work, I wish they really put some good glow-in-the-dark stuff there that actually glows brighter. Not only that ring glows, but the o-ring inside the bezel also glows!

The Lumintop Colored Worm 4.0 is not only powerful but also more elegant looking than the Lumintop Tool AAA, and providing us with 7 colors to pick from, which some do care about carrying some other styles and colors for their EDC. Imagine girls picking their EDC lights to match their cell phone skin, or their clothing of the day etc. It could be just because you have so many black lights already and you want one that actually look different. I personally picked the silver because it look more "serious" and most importantly is not BLACK again. Why 4.0?  Sounds like a 4th generation of the light? Maybe?  It's definitely worth a try! Check out my first review of the light!

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