Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lumintop TD16 vs Nextorch TA10 vs Olight M22 Flashlgiht Comparison

There are a few EDC flashlight for self defense purposes that is and was my perfect choice, and now I am having trouble deciding which one again. Therefore, I took them outside in the dark and compared them side by side. Lumintop TD16 is my top choice, for best throw, focused beam, and a deadly sharpened bezel. There is also a more compact size Nextorch TA10, an Olight M22 Warrior, and a nice Nitecore P20UV, etc..

The test is basically to test which light gives us the best combination of throw and compact size, or features, which gives us more advantage for self defense. These are all small lights, (compared to search lights), but they are all powerful enough to blind someone in the dark - it just depends on how much and how effective. The more focused the beam, and the more throw it has, the more blinding it is to the attacker.

After this test, I think I will stick with the TD16 for now and choose that for the EDC, it's hard to put the others on the list when the 450m of throw is there, it's just a UFO light! Definitely a great light for EDC, with the memory feature set to strobe....!

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