Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lumintop SD4A 1000 Lumens BEAST Flashlight Outdoor Field Test Review

Did we just talked about the Lumintop SD4A before? This is an outdoor testing of the flashlight that we are sharing with you today. You will have NO idea about how powerful it gets in the dark. Testing flashlights indoor and outdoor in the dark is a totally different thing. Some lights wow you nicely inside a room and they don't wow you anymore when you take it outside to test it in the dark field. You need to try lights indoor and outdoor to get a taste of the light in all perspective.

This Lumintop SD4A is definitely the best thrower in the 4x AA battery light category as of today. From what I have tried and tested, it's amazing and it's shockingly powerful. The beam looks like a solid rod in the air even for your naked eyes - on a clear day, not a foggy day!  That is not easy to see, especially with AA battery lights.

Having a long throw gives you the feel of power, and security, it's definitely a good light to blind someone with (attackers), or to be used in search and rescue... but not a good light for close up and normal work in the camp. You might want to improvise or somehow find a diffuser that will fit the light and put it on while working in the camp or indoor, it's way too hot in the center and will be actually quite hard to work up close with this light on. For a balance point, I prefer the Thrunite TN40 more than the Lumintop SD4A, but for wow factor, I will suggest my fans the Lumintop SD4A to get them hooked into the hobby first, and later they will understand the need of a floodier light!

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