Thursday, July 7, 2016

Nitecore EC11 900 Lumens Flashlight Full Power Outdoor Field Test Review

Nitecore EC11 is a crazy powerful EDC light that I will always love to have when I go out with shorts and not jeans. Why?  It's just so compact, so powerful, and when I wear shorts, I just cannot take a tactical light on the hip because I don't have a belt and the elastic waistband is not doing a good job holding up any full size tactical light at all. The only thing you want to have is a compact size light like this, which most of them are like 400 lumens to 500 lumens maxed as of today. Just like the Olight S1 Baton, Thrunite T21 etc..

This Nitecore EC11 offers you 900 lumens with the special nitecore IMR 16340 battery, it's insane bright to the eyes and you get an extra red LED for whatever purpose, which is nice too. The light now just needs a magnet mod and it's all ready to go. I have thought of glue-ing or eproxying a magnet ring to the base of this flashlight and it might become my favorite EDC already. Oh mine.

The Nitecore EC11 also has a nice throw power while being super bright with the flood. It is not like a 500m throw, but at least it does throws enough for lighting up what you need to see from a pretty long distance on the road. I was walking outside at night while it's all dark, and this beast really did the job to not only light up the place, but to scare away some weird dudes too. The guy was suspicious and when the light is on, they just don't want to be in your way and the guy try to go away from the lighted area and pass by very quickly, um.. not sure what this guy is up to, but definitely weird reaction.

Anyway, here is my video with the beamshot testing of the Nitecore EC11, it's definitely promising and powerful!

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