Sunday, July 17, 2016

Most Powerful Flashlight on Earth


You are going to be shocked about this most powerful flashlight on earth, the DQG Hobi, DQG Design. It is legit, and it is the most powerful flashlight I have ever seen in my life. The thing beside it in the picture above is the normal akaline AA battery, which is already kind of small in size, but this DQG Hobi is even more micro than ever. How powerful is this flashlight? Let's take a look at the flashlight below, up close.

The DQG Hobi is equipped with a powerful LED bulb that outputs 120 lumens of light, let me give you an idea, most of our old maglights, even with LED running on 2xAA is only about 60 lumens for the first version of LED 2xAA Maglight I got here. It's pretty amazing what this mini flashlight can do with such a small battery and body! 


Your eyes is not playing tricks on you, this is really bright isn't it? There are two modes with this flashlight. The low mode goes on for 5 hours at 10 lumens, and the high mode is going to give you about 20mins of runtime on 120 lumens!  Mine here comes with a neutral white tone beam, which is very comfortable for the eyes. Cool white gets more power and it seems brighter to the eyes. You can also purchase this light in cool white, but I just personally love its neutral white beam.


The flashlight goes on your keychain or your neck or whatever you bring with you everyday. There is a ring attacheds to the top of it already, just loop a piece of string or cord over it and you are ready to show off tonight!

Don't believe this is real? Check out my youtube review, there is a beamshot test outdoor near the end of the video, it's BRIGHT! This light is always on sales from time to time at gearbest, check out the links at the end of the post to buy the light AND the battery etc. The light does not come with battery, you need to buy the batteries and the charging adapter in order to play with it!


Tempted to get one? DO NOT HESITATE!

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