Saturday, July 23, 2016

Convoy L6 Proved Itself is OKAY For Defense Use

The Convoy L6, 3800 lumens flashlight, has proven itself in my collection list. After smashing up soup cans and doing some abuse with it, I would say that this light is definitely built strong enough for clubbing and fighting. IF you want a strong,, powerful, bright AND tough flashlight for home defense, I strongly recommend this. The light uses 26650 batteries, and it si best to buy button tops and protected 26650 cells. The ones I got isn't the best, but they worked to provide me the power I need. I hope my new ones will arrive soon!

Get your Convoy L6, 3800 Lumens - $53.88 (Discounted!) Get it here:
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See my torture test here, and now I just need a new pair of 26650 (proper ones) to do drop test and we are going to see how this light does when dropped 60x!

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