Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best Home Defense Flashlight for $50 Only?! Convoy L6!

For home defense flashlight, you want something bigger, and more powerful. Such as the Convoy L6 that we have reviewed in our previous review of the Convoy L6. There can be so many good things to say about this light, but the main key point is that it's inexpensive compared to the similar lights in the same class, it's size offers you a perfect grip as a club if needed, and most importantly, the power that it can output is stunning - 3800 lumens of light right to the face, how can any attasckers at night keep their eyes open anyway?  As you can see there is a side switch for mode changing, which mades it very easy to use at night. No need to "guess" how to change modes by fiddling with semi-clicking the back.

One thing I like about the Convoy L6 is the "fins" part which was made for the heat issue when running on high power, just like any high power flashlights, but the designs acts as an anti-rolling feature, plus it can be an extra pain-giver during home defense clubbing time. I am talking about you clubbing someone's head or arm with it, not the clubbing where you go gossip with yuor friends of course.  

Here is the LED in the center, as you can see, it's a squarey LED with 4 sections. Skipping all the tech and specs, I have been told why this light has an orange peel reflector, and the reason is because of this LED. IF the reflector is a smooth reflector (which is better for throw power, gives you a longer beam distance), it will turn into a donut shape beam at close range, which isn't very nice. In order to overcome this issue, they need to put an orange peel reflector to smoothen out the donut and make it a creamy beamshot, or at least, more buttery.  

The tailcap is nice and typical design for most lights, but it is also tailstandable and somehow I find that the ridges or the part that is raised up is somewhat a good weapon for close up pinching and smashing techniques. If you have to get out of a big thug-hug, you might want to use the corners to pinch down their nerves at the back of their hand, it will definitely work well.

In case of anything, after your 3800 lumens light beam got the guy crazy, you can follow up with a caveman style clubbing, and go ape-mode with the guy. Nothing is better than what we learned int he past with maglits' theory. Get a long and heavy light and smash things with it like a hammer, or baton. The Convoy L6 uses 2x 26650 batteries, which makes it heavier than the typic 18650 and such. It's like a C cell batter size, but longer. I can say that the length of the 26650 is just the same as the 18650 too, just that it is fatter, and heavier, plus more capacity in most cases. I got a set now that claims to be 5000mah, which gives me more runtime than the 18650 at 3400mah for sure. With a big light like this, you want more juice, more runtime, more weight - so you can club people with it effectively. As I say, this is a good home defense light, and home defense do not require a flashlight to be compact and light weight, it jsut needs to be as deadly as possible.

The Convoy L6 is also tail-stand friendly, which is very useful when a blackout happens. I have been using it this way all the time for my night time walking-around-the-house operation. Just shien it around the house by pointing it up, the light being bounced down is enough to let you see everything and you won't be blinding by your own light too. Great idea, right? 

The Convoy L6 is not a light that can be used as a weapon light (mounted to a gun), but it is definitely one of my best choice for home defense or security flashlight. Imagine a security guard walking with this at night, checking out the park or parking lot, you can light up the whole place easily and no need to guess if any guy is hiding somewhere with dark clothing which your little maglit cannot reveal. Check out the outdoor bemashot test, and imagine this is your backyard or a parking lot that you have to scout around at night.

Seriously, this thing is crazy bright! Buy one today, it's only around $50 when discounted, and you can even get more discount using my code below.

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Don't forget your battery and charger too! Even with the battery and chargers included, it's not even a $100 package, holy cow, this thing is totally worth promoting and telling your friends. I am more than typed to spread the words, please tell your friends to also get one by using my links above, and get the discount! You won't regret it!

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