Monday, July 25, 2016

Klarus RS20, Best Flashlight for Walking in The Dark

The Klarus RS20 is one tough flashlight, because I have beaten it up very badly with my first one, smashed it against concrete wall and such to make sure it can withstand my abuse. Turn out the light is indeed tough enough for the job, but the side LED died or malfunction after those tests. I have got my replacement head from Klarus and it works great again. I would say that if you are using it as a flashlight and just dropping it by accident, it won't damage the light at all. I only did the job to kill the LED from REALLY smashing the light on concrete. Guess what, the light held up and the front LED is working fine. It's tough and it's definitely a life saving flashlight for any situation. I personally suggest this Klarus RS20 if you need a good flashlight for your night time walk.  Why?  Because it can shine both ways to make everything clear for you.  It's super practical and I love its side LED's brightness!  Before we dig into the review, you can buy the light here:

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The two buttons design is nice, and they are easy to use and understand by simple logic. Top button for the main light out the front, bottom button for the side LED. You cannot get it wrong in the dark, because one button is bright in color and one is black!  The light is all sealed up and waterproof, so you don't have to worry about anything getting into the light through those buttons, it's all good and safe.
Here is the front LED, 1050 lumens max, running on one 18650 inside the battery, which is included along with it's charging cable. One thing you want to know is how this charging port works!
This is the tail of the flashlight, and basically it's a magnetic surface that does not require any kind of flip, flop, open, but just SNAP that USB cable (provided in the package) on it and the light will start charging. This also ensure that the light is water proof and there is not silly rubber cover to deal with. 

High mode on the side LED is 440 lumens, very bright..! 
One more click, low mode, still very bright to be honest...!
These RGB is crazy, it's the brightest flood style RGB on the market I have seen. Klarus is not telling us that these are "bonus", they are ALSO your primary light bulb!
The green LED... 
The blue LED...! 
Here is the front shining out its 1050 lumens of light!
You can use both at the same time too, which is the main reason why I said this light is going to be great for walking at night. You can see both the front and the floor at the same time.
Mine comes with a Klarus 3400 mah battery. The battery is bi-directional, so you won't go wrong either way you put it in the light.
MEGA thick wall there...!
Here goes the light being charged. There is a red light under the USB charging port, and when the light is charged, it will turn green! This is amazing and quick, you really do not have to deal with any moisture in the air and risk getting your flashlight some annoying condensation in the head! 

After my new head arrived for the Klarus RS20, I noticed that all lights, especially the side lights, seems to be brighter than my first one. Maybe an update or something?  Anyway, get yours today, it's a great quality flashlight that will be a game changer for you if you walk at night all the time, or you just need a light for scouting around a building or any places at night. This light will make you smile!  Most important is, it comes with battery and everything you need (including a cool holster too). You are getting the light itself at like $50 and under!  Crazy deal!

Buy Klarus RS20 from GearBest $67.14 -
Use "GBLED2016 " for 8% discount!

Buy Klarus RS20 from -
Buy Klarus RS20 from -

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