Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Thrunite TN40 Throw King 1151m, 4450 Lumens!

Thrunite TN40 is the new throw king flashlight that just came out from the factory now, and it's as hot as it seems! Bright, throws like an UFO communicator, and compact in size, which is just good for any kind of outdoor activity, such as camping, hiking, search and rescue and such. The TN40 is marketed as a throw king, but is also not bad as at close range. The 4x bulb design also gave it some good flood and not just a long light saber in the center.

The unique part of the Thrunite TN40 is the rechargeable battery. and in my first video review, I have tested the old battery holders in the TN36-UT and the TN30Mini, which worked!  But as advised from Thrunite, it is not safe to do and not recommended, because you will risk damaging your light due to the difference in voltage, etc. Better stick to the factory's suggestion!

This is the first review on the market, and at least you can also see how it does outside in the first review! I will be doing more comparison and reviews with this light later on, and you will see how it does comparing side by side with the big monsters I have in my collection such as the Fenix TK70, Nitecore TM16GT, Nitecore TM26, Nitecore TM36, etc.. and all those crazy lights that throws like a king - before! Enjoy my first review video!  Thrunite TN40.... is here!

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