Monday, July 11, 2016

Olight M22 Warrior, Budget Tactical Light for EDC

Olight M22 Warrior is a pretty good light for the budget, and it's also a light that I have used to hooked one of my friend into the real world of flashlight. This friend of mine was amazed by the brightness and usefulness of the Nitecore MH12 that I once introduced to him a "long" time ago. Then it got too well to the point that he thinks the light is good enough for everything, there is no need to explore for more options. I guess that's the same with all other people too. Once you got your light for EDC, you just love it, and you forget to explore for more options.

I tossed the Olight M22 to him when his Nitecore MH12 got some condensation issues. Moisture went into the head of the flashlight for some reason and he found out that it leaked in from the USB charging port!  Oh boy, that was a hard week for him. I saw this happen shipped him the Olight M22 Warrior and a Thrunite Ti3 as a gift. Once the lights arrived at his place, everything changed. Before we go further into details, the MH12 throws 232m, while the Olight M22 Warrior throws about 305m, about 70m more of throw power, you get the idea.

After my friend tested out the Olight M22 Warrior at night, it was totally a turning point for him. The Olight M22 Warrior throws further away and got more stuff lit up at night, and the small keychain light of Thrunite Ti3 also shows its powerful beam in the dark, which made him realized that flashlight doesn't needs to be BIG to be powerful. A tiny keychain light can be stunningly bright at night too!

Enough said, this friend got hooked, he ordered a Thrunite Ti-Hi V4 online and another light and is about to order the Nitecore EC11 as well. Did he said before that his MH12 served all his purpose? Olight M22 Warrior, you changed him 100%!  This guy turned into a flashaholic now, congratz and welcome to the dark side...!  

For myself, I think the Olight M22 Warrior is indeed a very good EDC if you are on a budget. The light is nice and powerful with a good throwing beam, which means, it has great blinding power and a strong bezel for smacking. It's a great light, and comes with a great holster, which made it super nice for a start-up tac-light carrying option. If you want a light for self defense and is on a budget, this beast will do the job for sure. You can grill it, bake it, soak it, roll it, anything - and it won't die. This light is a monster!

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