Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sunwayman T25C Zoomable Flashlgiht 880 Lumens Review

Sunwayman T25C, a zoomable flashlight, I thought I would not like Sunwayman anymore due to the past experience I got with their products. They used to have issues with quality control, but now I guess I have to give it another try, maybe.

After playing with this Sunwayman T25C a bit, I kind of liked it!  The light is amazing in the dark when you try it outside, but not so impressive indoor. The zoom feature is pretty good actually, especially if you are trying to point a gun toward a target in the dark, you don't have to get blinded by the hotspot by accident and you just light up everything nicely without being too crazily focused to the center. As compared to the cheapo zoombies, this light offers you much whiter and nicer color, and the profile of the beam is much better when zoomed to the max point. At least you don't see the square when all zoomed out.

The little cut-outs on the bezel is kind of new to me, they don't do much in reality except for giving you disco light effect while you turn the light around, kind fo useless for me, but maybe it will be useful if I mod the holes with some kind of diffuser?  Hope it will be a useful feature later, but we will see..!

So far I am happy with this light, but definitely need to keep trying and testing it for a longer time to see if the light is durable and reliable enough. Some drop test, some submerge test, and other abuse should be done to see if Sunwayman have improved from their past lousy QC.

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