Monday, July 4, 2016

Thrower Light Battle, Thrunite TN32 in Action

While you think "big" flashlights in the old days are just good for clubbing people's head or smashing windows, you might not realize how powerful these things are in terms of brightness with today's technology!  Thrunite TN32 is one of the most badass thrower light in the market, and it's not very expensive too, running on 3x 18650 but giving you a super tight beam, like a light saber in the air. Check this video out to see the difference between the Thrunite TN32 and the Nitecore TM16GT that was released this year as a "stunning" new product!  It's kind of fun to also see my old Jetbeam RRT3 beside them and we can clearly see that this older light is still "okay" beside these high tech lights today. Not bad!

At first, I thought the Jetbeam RRT3 is for sure outdated and not going to do well in the test, but somehow the light did fine and is still very bright in the dark, throws like a champ!  I think the only thing I like to complain is the beam profile, because the design of the reflector is not as good as the modern ones. The Nitecore TM16GT is kind of cool with its plum flower beam profile design, but I still prefers a Thrunite TN32 with a one circle focused beam, somehow it just look cleaner to me.

With so many high power lights, with so many fun toys, it just makes it hard to decide which one to bring if I have to choose a few lights for a trip!  What do you think about these 3 lights?

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