Monday, July 11, 2016

Thrunite TN40 vs Olight SR90 - Flashlight Beamshot Battle

Thrunite TN40 is now being put to a beamshot battle to compare with my throw king Olight SR90, which used to be a king here, but no longer is one after the Nitecore TM36 came in. It's insane how fast flashlight technology have changed, and it is definitely not something a normal average joe can catch up with. Thrunite TN40 put a new standard in our flashlight "throw king" category, it's just amazing and even more amazing when you see how fast it is to charge up the battery on the battery pack of the Thrunite TN40.

Most people frown upon the battery pack of the Thrunite TN40, because they cannot use a normal charger to charge the batteries. The problem is there, but give and take though. You get a faster charging time and a powerful light!  I personally like the light, but also wish they can have a feature like a little jumper which we can switch and then go back to 18650 if we want. At least making it an option for the user is a nice idea, it shuts the mouth of the people who don't like the battery pack, why not do that?

Olight Sr90 throws a beam that is super tight, narrow and basically is only good if you want to mark an ant from 500m away. The Thrunite TN40 offers you more light in a wider area, and also the throw power at the same time. It is a much more balanced light, period. I think if I have to choose between the Olight SR90 and the Thrunite TN40? I will pick the TN40 for sure.

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