Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thrunite TN40 vs Nitecore TM26 - Flashlight Beamshot Battle

Thrunite TN40 is a big hit int he market, giving us a superpower thrower flashlight with crazy lumens.. and now it is time to test it with my favorite light, Nitecore TM26...!  The Nitecore TM26 is not bad as a flashlight that offers you a combination of throw and flood, but it really cannot throw as far as the TN40 for sure, while keeping its size smaller (no big heads) and with a digital display (although readings are not accurate). Um.. which one is better? hard to decide!

If I am to go on a camping trip and I need to bring a powerful light for whatever reason, I will pick the TN40 over the TM26, having a bit more power in your hand is an advantage, and you can always diffuse the light from the TN40 by putting some kind of plastic white container over the head for a good flood, who cares. Having good amount of light and throw power in your hand at least means I can throw far if I need to, and not feel like kicking myself for not having the power when I need it. Having is better than not having, that's my motto...!

The TM26 is powerful and compact in size, but it lacks the throw power that I long wanted to see. Over 1.1km of throw is just insane. I know the TM26GT is better in throw, but due to the reflector's size and such, it just cannot make it to the mark.  Let's hope more testing with this TN40 will impress me even more..! Stay tune!

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