Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Choose One Only, Which One? Thrunite TN40 or Thrunite TN36-UT?

Thrunite is coming out with too many great flashlights, and they are making it harder and harder for us to choose what light to bring with us when we go out at night!  Basically, for the fun factor, we have a Thrunite TN40 which is a monster thrower, and a Thrunite TN36-UT which is a crazy sun in the hand. Which one to bring?

Thrunite TN40, a great thrower, and definitely enough to blind anyone from a long distance too. It offers you a great throw and flood combo, but the ONLY down side of this is the size and maybe the battery pack that is not easy to find or replace in case of any accident or damages. You can put the old 4x 18650 tube in, but manufacture say that it is not good and can risk damaging your light. Um...

Thrunite TN36-UT is freaky bright with the 7300 lumens output, and it's definitely good enough to blind someone from far away, even if you miss the aiming hotspot, it will still blind them nicely, you don't even need to "aim" at all. The light uses 4x 18650 which is nice and easy to have since we all have a bunch of those as a flashaholic, but the light lacks the throw that I love to see in the air.

The Thrunite TN40 and TN36-UT both give me the feel of power, but they are both really good for their own reason. Sigh, it's just hard to pick one for night-time outings, not that I need a strong light, but I just WANT to bring a strong light to feel like a king in the dark lol!  You don't understand the feeling, until you try to get one in your hand and feel it yourself, the feeling is totally not explainable to anyone in words. See it yourself from my YouTube review!

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