Friday, July 1, 2016

Lumintop SD4A 4xAA 1000 Lumens Flashlight, King of Thrower in AA World, ...

Lumintop is the first brand I have had in my flashlight journey, and it's definitely a quality brand. I still remember my first light in high-end flashlight is the Lumintop TD15X, which is still a nice product as of today. They have made me happy again with this Lumintop SD4A compact sub-pop-can sized flashlight. Using just 4x AA battery, rechargeable or non-rechargeables, or even with just a D cell, it can output 1000lumens+ of light and throws like a big search light, it's going over 450m in throw which is unbelievable to the human eyes. I have to admit, this product is a shocking product to anyone.

I have been in love with the Thrunite TN4A before, and it's definitely still a great choice for any situation, especially when I am walking outside in the dark at night with only a few orange color street lights around. This baby is just super useful even on the low mode or medium mode. It's nice for a walk, hike or camping situation. The Lumintop SD4A, when put side by side, is really going to fry your brain when you want to choose only ONE to bring with you. The Lumintop SD4A offers you a super focused beam and a long throw, while the Thrunite TN4A gives you a nice throw in balance of a good close up beam profile at night. For indoor purpose, the Thrunite TN4A was complained by me for being too intensely focused in the center, and you can image the SD4A being totally useless for a close up situation. When it's tested outside, it's a totally different story. The Thrunite TN4A is just PERFECT for any situation, while the Lumintop SD4A is superior for a long range beamshot and wow-ing your friends.

Which one should I choose? Lumintop SD4A or Thrunite TN4A? I guess for a first time recommendation to a friend, I will give them the Lumintop SD4A to shock them and wow them. Thrunite TN4A is for the ones who really need one for camping, fishing, and hiking etc.. it's practical and the beam is good enough for everything while not too focused for the close up work when using it outside. I believe both are a must-have, for different purposes. They both performs great, and has a lot of great features. Not to forget to mention, for defense purposes, the TN4A is better because it is bigger and has a nicer strobe access to it. The SD4A does have strobe, but I failed to find it until I found the manual online. Somehow my box is missing the manual!  The strobe feature on the SD4A is too slow and hard to access, making it pretty useless imo. The Thrunite TN4A, just freak out and keep pressing the button and you will get the strobe, it's good enough for most situation. Simplicity is the key when using a flashlight for defense purpose.  Let's see my review for this light, you won't be disappointed by either one, but the Lumintop SD4A will shock you when you try it outside, it's just insane amount of throw power in a super sub-pop can size package!

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