Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nitecore EC4S 2150 Lumens Flashlight Ourdoor Field Test Review

Nitecore EC4S is one of the signature flashlight from Nitecore in 2016, and it also won an award for its nice design with the heat regulation and such. Is it really as good as it claims? I have got one to try it out myself. By turning on the light (indoor) and letting it stand on the table for 5 minutes, it is indeed just a bit of warmth, which is pretty good for the power it is giving out.

After 15mins, the Nitecore EC4S is hot all around, and not just the head. You can say that it is protecting the LED, but maybe it is not really a good time to grab the light anymore. Things are too hot all over the light and basically it's like a bowl of hot soup. Unless we have gloves on, I don't think I can run this light for over 15mins on turbo mode and still be using it. The Nitecore EC4S is nice for its beam profile and power, but the so-called claim for the temperature is maybe over-hyped?  My lady held it and said "Not too hot to hold? What? Must be only for the chef who can hold hot pot of soup in the hand like nothing right?!"

Beside this, the Nitecore EC4S is still very impressive with its floody beam. I like the profile of this beamshot when used indoor, but maybe not so much when outdoor. The beam is kind of floody and does not throw very far. Not forget that there is now a new version of the EC4 which came out this year to be a thrower version that throws out 475m compared to this one in my hand that is going 280m-ish. We do have a choice now!

This is my beamshot test outdoor, which I think is pretty good for such a floody light.

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